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Grr I did it again!

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I keep forgetting to take my bc pill at the same time! I'm always an hour or two late before I remember! I'm not just taking this for the obvious reason, I'm taking it for mental health reasons as well because my hormones and pms turn me into something, well not human. So I reeealy need to remember!!! How do I make myself remember to do this?
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Alarm clock, buy a new one if you need to!
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Switch to the patch or ring. Thats how I remembered.
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hmmm... would depoprovera work for ya... I know a lot of people hate it though so I don't know...

set your cell phone alarm to go off, assuming you have one
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Eek...Don't do depo!!! That stuff is horrible.

I forget to take my morning asthma med. I've only been on it for a couple of months. I've decided to put up notes to myself around the apt where I usually am during the time I'm supposed to take it. Pretty much means I need to put a note on the computer and on the door. That way, I don't leave home without taking it.
Alarm clock wouldn't work for me...I'd forget to set the alarm. LOL
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Breastfeeding...no patch or ring for me ( and I like the idea of the ring too darnit )
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Post it notes work for me when I have to give medicine to the kids.

I also second NO on the Depo. I started it 6 wks pp after my first ds and it does a number on your milk supply.

However I didn't have a period for 2.5 years . Then I got pregnant again 4 months later.
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When you finish nursing, I highly recommend the ring. It turned my heavy, 7 day periods to little pantyliner periods that last 2 or 3 days! You can also download a little reminder program that pops up on your computer screen on days when you take it out or put it in! I started the ring when dd was nursing, but she was almost 2. The gyn said it may or may not effect supply (by then dd didn't care) and that since it is vaginal, minimal hormones travel through the rest of your body. (Someone else might come along with different info. That's just what one doc told me.)
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