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Hello from NC

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Hi! I'm Amber, a homeschooling mama from NC! My daughter, Lora Eve, is three. I was lucky to marry my best friend, Alex, who after much kicking & screaming has joined Lora & I on our adventure to greener living.

It began with breastfeeding, babywearing & co-sleeping and soon to organic/natural eating, chem-free cleaning & homeschooling.

I stumbled onto this site by accident & so glad I did. See you in the posts!!
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Welcome from another NC mama
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Welcome! We are on a constant journey as well and enjoying every minute of it! DH is dragged along quite often as well.
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Hi! I'm in NC, too.
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome to the community! Glad that you're here! :

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Hello and welcome! at your dh needing to be cajoled into greener living - my dh can relate!
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Welcome to the boards.
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I am in the foothills, so were about an hour and a half away

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hope you have fun here. My family and I are from NH and considering a move to NC.

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Welcome Amber! Hope you like it here
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Welcome!! I live in Cary, NC. Not sure how far away that is from where you are. I'm considering HS my little ones when they get old enough. Would love to hear your experiences as a HS mom in NC. Glad you're here!!
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We love co-sleeping. Our family is so close Welcome!
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