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Originally Posted by mama ganoush View Post
i think i will join you.
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i love wine! i used to drink more beer but not as much anymore.
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I did go for seven years without drinking any alcohol whatsoever-I had embraced a holistic lifestyle and also needed to examine my relationship with alcohol (family history of problems.) I do occasionally have a social drink (only if it's really worth it-i.e. good wine, good beer, or good cocktail.) I love Campari, and any cocktail with sapphire gin or meyers' rum, and really love me some Fat Tire and Newcastle ale.
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I couldn't have made it to as many posts as I have if I wasn't drunk off my ass for most of them. That explains a few things, eh?

I had a beer at Earth Day in a compostable cup.
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I work for a booze company! It's an occupational hazard! At least, it is when I'm not pregnant.
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Most evenings, I share a beer or a glass of wine with dh.

When we have dinner after kids are gone to bed (about once a week), we'll share a whole bottle of wine :
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Originally Posted by eightyferrettoes View Post
Homebrew! It's like, born at home, man.

And packs a punch.
im right there with you. . . . i just bottled some IPA today!
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Drinkers here--wine and beer, mostly.
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I drink but am very careful not to go overboard.
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I drink. I like the taste of alcohol, especially expensive alcohol Mmmmm, scotch...
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Originally Posted by Natural Mommy*J View Post
I don't really feel it's appropriate to drink in my home since we have a child, .
man, i wouldnt be at mdc if it werent for booze.
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i drink, mostly beer and wine. just finished a Red Seal, planning on opening a bottle with DP later. i don't see a proplem with it an i agree with the prior poster who said that american's demonize it to much and that's why kids go crazy as young adults.
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I had a lovely glass of red wine with dinner tonight--it's our 11th anniversary! I don't drink often, but I think there's nothing wrong or unnatural about it.
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I drink very, very occasionally, maybe a toast at a wedding, or a half glass of wine on Christmas.

I love alcohol in just about all forms. But I have several cousins who are raging alcoholics and I'm not going to go that route. I think I have the tendancy if I don't avoid it.
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I never drink any alcohol, only because I hate the taste. I've tried to like wine, but I just haven't found one I like!
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Wino! Cabernet Savignon and Shiraz.
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I hardly ever drink. There are a few reasons for this:
* Allergic to sulphates
* Am a single mom with no child care
* Although I like the taste of Baileys, I don't like the way alcohol makes me feel.
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Originally Posted by lillian View Post
man, i wouldnt be at mdc if it werent for booze.
a soulmate!
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Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post
No offense (really! I like anybody wth the no-circ blinkie sig ), and no snark meant by it, but that's precisely the American attitude that leads 18 yr olds to go off to college and binge- knowing nothing of sane, moderate alcohol consumption. (Obviously, I'm not speaking of those who abstain for religious reasons.) My kids have seen me drink many times; they have never seen me drunk.

And I brew : There's that.
Excuse me, but I have my reasons for it. My mom my whole life drank in front of me and in our home also, even when I told her it really hurt me and bothered me, and she didn't even care. Which is why I choose not to drink in front of my child; it would make me very uncomfortable if I did.

It is not an "American attitude", it's my personal preference not to drink in front of my child.

Are you implying that just because I don't drink in my home that my DS has a good chance of going off to college and binging? Ridiculous. I will teach him what he needs to know about alcohol.
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