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Bump on Cervix?(TMI)

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Hi this am when I was checking my cervix to see what its position was I noticed I felt a bump on it I am not sure if it was there before or not as this morning I was checking it very thoroughly which I don't usually do. It did not hurt to touch it Should I go and have it checked out? Has anyone ever had anything like this?
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I'd get it checked out, just to be on the safe side. I have heard, though, that bumps on that come and go on the cervix are fairly common.

Take care!
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I've had that before! Fortunately, it was right when I started checking my cervix, and I had just gotten done reading TCOYF. It could be a nabothian cyst, which ususally will go away on it's own. Here's a description of nabothian cysts and the difference between a nabothian cyst and a cervical polyp quoted from TCOYF.

"[Nabothian] cysts are a fairly common female condition. They are little bumps that appear on the surface on the cervix and are caused by cervical systs which may become temporarily blocked. Women who haven't been taught about thse cysts may panic the first time they feel one, not realizing they are completely harmless. Women often feel them the first time while checking their cervix or inserting a diaphragm or cervical cap. They usually disappear on their own, but if they don't, you shoudl probably have them checked by a clinician the first time you feel one to rule out anything else."

"Polyps are small, tubular or ear-shaped growths that protrude from the mucus membranes of the cervical canal. Unlike nabothian cysts, which are quite firm, these tend to be somewhat spongy. And even though they are considered abnormal, they're almost always benign. you may be even be aware you have one unless you experienced one of their symptoms -- unusual bleeding. This is due to their vulnerable position in the vagina making them suceptible to being tapped, especially during intercourse. Theya re typically not painful, but may cause excess cervical fluid due to irritation of the mucus glands. If you think you may have one, you should consult a physician."

I'm not suggesting that you NOT see a doctor, but this information was helpful to me when I found one!
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Thanks ladies
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I thought of you as I was rereading TCOYF last night. She said that bumps on the cervix (small, grainlike bumps) are very normal. You might check the book out and read up to see if they're the same thing you're experiencing. If so, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I dont' remember what they were called, something beginning with an N.
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Zahira, I had a bump on my cervix last week that was like that. It's now gone, so I'm assuming that meant it's not an emergency! I'm askingmy doctor about it next time I go, but I'm not rushing in any earlier.
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Ive had one too, and it went away nice and quick hope yours does too!!!
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