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Inge is the nicest, most awesome WAHM I've had the pleasure of dealing with. She is so thoughtful, professional, and helpful. I ordered my first fluffy mail from her and she called me at home to make sure I recieved what I needed, as I had mentioned in the notes that it was my first CDing order. Diaperware is the first site I visit for all my diapering purchases!
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I recently bought 3 fitteds and a pair of wool pants from Diaperware. Not only did she call me to confirm serging color on the fitteds, she shipped super duper fast! I WILL buy from her again!!!
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Great diaper store! Inge has awsome customer service. She will answer all the stupid questions you can throw at her and is so polite about it. Ships quickly. Such a big selection of different stuff. Such a fun place to diaper shop. I recommend her anytime.
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Just recieved my 3rd or 4th order from Diaperware and Inge was a pleasure as always, her customer service is top notch I always go back for her great selection and friendly service!
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Inge is simply the most professional diaper shop I've ever dealt with. Speedy service, great prices, fair shipping. I won't go anywhere else

I ordered Fuzzi Bunz and Joey Bunz for my Very Nearly Non Diapered Daughter - there were here in just 2 days. I'm in Wa State - she's East Coast. Perfect
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Super fast shipping! And, Inge has been very very helpful the times I have called her! Great wahm.
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Wow, I know it's been said already, but Inge is FAST! I ordered some Kookaburra woolwash from her three days ago and it's here already!!! Woohoo!
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Great service, great selection, fast shipping. One of my favorite sites to order from.

The web page is a bit difficult to navigate, but if you can figure it out, it's worth it.

Diaperware is a great place to find a variety of diaper styles in stock. She has more unique WAHM diapers than other diapering stores. I particularly recommend it if you want to try several styles, so that you don't wind up paying shipping from each different place.
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Diaperware is incredible! The selection, the price, the shipping, the cs...it is perfect!
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I love diaperware. Inge is SO sweet and accomodating- she has the best customer service. It is my one stop online shop to get any of the many different brands I like to try. 4 stars!
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I've been a customer twice with Diaperware. The first time was a perfect experience and my shipment arrived so fast, it was unbelievable.
The second time, Inge went above and beyond to correct a mistake the postal service had made(totally out of her control), at her own extra cost.

Diaperware is the FASTEST, and friendliest, company I've encountered, and it will remain the first place I go for all my diapering/mama pad needs.
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I want Inge to get as many positive comments here as possible! She is so great. She is so attentive and helpful that one has the impression there are no other things going on for her than to help you! I have been using her for three years or so now and can't say enough good things about DiaperWare! Her turn-around time is amazing.

I ordered some diapers that I just didn't like once I saw them in 3-D. She gave me an exchange code even before she'd received the return for me. Amazing.
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I also have to agree with everyone else. Inge has wonderful fast service. I ordered on Tuesday evening and rec'd my package today in the mail. And she is across the US. She even threw in some wipe wash soap as a little extra. She has wonderful service, I will be ordering from her again for sure!
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