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dogs licking babies faces

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does anyone else find this gross?? or am I the only one?? My friend lets her dog lick her babies mouth and nose and cheeks, and even licked my babe once. Does anyone else see dogs licking their own butts and crotches and smelling poop, or is this a rare occurance that only I see?? I guess some people are under the impression that dogs have built in antibacterial agents in there mouth that are released after they lick themselves. ICK!!
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I am not a dog person so I find it pretty gross. Also, a dog licked my DS on the face and he had a horrible allergic reaction - within a minute his whole face was covered in red welts and his eyes were swelling shut. So thats another reason we dont allow it. Plus then you have dog-breath face. Blech.
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I have an adorable pug that I LOVE. And I am not afraid of her germs, for some reason. She and I have shared several Caramel Cashew Sundaes from Culver's. Same spoon.:

She loves to give everyone in the family kisses.

But, I try to keep her away from ds. She would probably lick him head to toe if I let her. But for some reason, I feel like he can decide if he likes that once he is a little older. I'm really not that germ-phobic, but he is immobile at the moment. Once he is a little kid and can move away if he doesn't want her giving him kisses, etc, then that is his choice. But for now I keep her away.

Besides, I keep catching her trying to lick his diapers. :Puke
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I love my dog, but I don't him lick my daugher's face. I don't let her get in his face either. It seems unsafe to me. He has never ever ever shown any type of aggression at all and is very patient with her and protective towards her. He totally gets that she is higer in the pecking order. That said, she is a kid and he is a dog and sometimes they misunderstand each other and before you know it, someone needs stitches.

So no, no licking in the face.
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I think that it is absolutle GROSS.
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I'm a dog person to the core. That being said, I don't let her lick my face so I sure as heck wouldn't let her lick DD's. Ewwwww.

Anyone of any species who licks her own rear isn't getting her mouth anywhere near mine!
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I love my dog. He regularly gives kisses and comes running if you make kissy noises. I totally don't mind him giving me kisses. That being said, I get grossed out if he so much as licks dd's feet, much less her face!
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A dog's mouth is supposed to be cleaner then a human's... BUT I find it pretty gross as well. I don't freak out if a dog has licked my child's face, but I surely don't let it continue or let the children encourage it in anyway.
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I have a dog, and I find it gross. My dog, undoubtedly the product of some careful back alley breeding by two happy mutts, has only one hobby: licking her butt. Actually, it's more of a religious calling for her, I think. If she is licking you, you can pretty much guess where her tongue was just moments before. I'd prefer she not express her affection to my kids or me or my husband or anyone I have to look in the face in that manner.
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I definitely find that to be gross
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I think it's totally gross, too..... but I gave up on trying to get DS2 and DD2 (dear dog #2) to stop showing their mutual affection by slobbering all over each other. It's the same thing every day - we get home, dog licks son's face and they run off and play........ I'm just hoping DS2 hurries up and grows a little taller so he's not face-to-face with the dog anymore :yuck
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I don't think it's a big deal at all. Not that I encourage it, but one of my dogs licks my 2-year-old now and then and ds thinks it's hilarious, so I don't feel the need to stop it. : I'm not scared of a few germs here and there, and we hardly ever get sick.
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Originally Posted by sweetpea333 View Post
does anyone else find this gross??
I love my dog, but I think that dog-licks are gross in general....whether they're on a baby's face, my face, or any other part of my body.

However, I personally also find it really gross when parents use their own saliva to clean off their babies' faces.
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So gross!!! Yuck, yuck yuck!
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My hubby lets our huskey kiss him on the face. I only let him lick my hands (and I wash them afterwards). Hodgie gives me gental kisses and hubby gets rough ones and sometimes his teeth get in the way. Ouch! With our 4 month old we don't let our dog kiss, but we do let him sniff. And yes, that includes the diaper area.
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My pup loves to kiss and will inevitably land a few licks on ds's face,hands or toes. It doesn't gross me out but I do stop her as soon as possible. It doesn't help that ds will begin giggling and smiling like crazy as soon as the dog's tongue hits his face.
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I'm not grossed out by it, but it's annoying to me when my dogs lick my face, so I don't let them, and I try to keep them from licking DS's face for the same reason - just because it's annoying! I don't freak out about it worry about germs, though. I also generally try to discourage the dogs from being right in his face and/or him being right in their faces for safety reasons.
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i am kind of grossed out by it, but mostly i just find it annoying so i assume dd does too. one of my dogs is a compulsive licker- she CANT stop herself from licking people that she loves. its kind of wierd. so it is inevitable that we all get kisses. i try to be vigilant and not let her get the baby. however i LOVE it when she licks my feet!! it feels so great! :
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I guess I'm in the minority. We let the dog lick the baby. He didn't get to lick him right away, only smell for a while. Only recently we'll let him get a lick in every now and again. The baby is smiling, so he's not scared of it.
I don't find it gross, although, when he starts licking my feet it annoys me, so I stop him pretty quick.
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I let my dog give me (little) kisses, but I never let her lick DS's face when he was a baby. Now that he's older, he'll sometimes ask her for a kiss, and I don't mind that at all because it's his decision.

That said, I would never let my dog lick someone else's kid! I assume that most people think dog kisses are gross, and wouldn't expect anyone to subject their kid to my dog's slobber just because I don't have a problem with it -- that'd be incredibly rude of me.
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