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Cervical self exam... what the heck am i feeling??

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So i'm 40 weeks pregnant ... a few weeks ago i checked and my cervix felt pretty normal but kind of mushy.

I never felt my cervix before pregnancy, ok, i had felt it just to see if i could tell where it was etc but not anything routine.

Another check 2 weeks ago and i felt a small small wrinkle, like a tiny belly button, but i was afraid to try and stick my finger in... i think it would have hurt, and i don't know if it was actually a hole of not.

Today a checked and i don't know what i'm feeling. It felt like a longish (3-4cms) from side to side.... ridge? Like.... a wrinkly lip kind of. But only one, i couldn't seem to reach around and find another one, so i'm left thinking i have 3-4cm wrinkly ridge of skin there.... and i am having too much trouble getting in and feeling around to determine if it was in the middle of my cervix of if at that angle i was only feeling one side.... i'm so clueless. :

Can anyone help make sense of this for me? I am just very curious if im dilating or anything yet since to day is my *due date*. At least it is different than before.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!
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I'd love to her the response to this question....Is their a book about checking your cervix....a dear friend is pregnant and we were talking about this the other day...
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Check out this article.

It sounds like mine. I can only feel the front right now. It's too posterior to feel the back or to get an accurate read on dilation. It doesn't sound like you're effaced if there's still 3-4 cm. Don't get discouraged though, you could still have a baby really soon.
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Good link, thanks! I know that any changes i detect won't necessarily tell me i'm any closer to labour, just curious since i'm approaching birth for the first time and all Seems hard to find good references about this stuff :/
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Sounds like you are effaced and dilated.

Am I right?

My DH couldn't figure out what he was feeling when I was 40 weeks. He kept asking, what am I looking for? He said that my 90% effaced cervix felt like a pencil eraser, but he could not feel any hole (I kept asking him if he could feel something like a tiny donut-since that what my cervix feels like usually).

I'm impressed by anyone that can reach when they are 40 weeks. I could barley reach to wipe after peeing let alone feel my cervix .
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