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Is 37 weeks full term?

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I've seen people referring to 37 weeks as being full term -- I always thought that 38 was full term?

I am particularly interested in this question right now as I have been having irregular contractions on and off since this afternoon anywhere from 6-20 minutes apart, I am 37 weeks as of tomorrow, and this baby is SERIOUSLY not supposed to come for at least another week. Seriously.
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If I'd gone into labor at 37 weeks they wouldn't have stopped it. Most of our local docs do consider 37 weeks full term.
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Yep, my MW said now that I'm 37 weeks, labor starting any time would not be a concern. But I haven't had any issues with this pregnancy.
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At 37 weeks, most babes have fully functional lungs, so most mw's and dr's consider that to be full term.
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Cripes. I'm going to drink some water and put my feet up for a while.

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I think if you go into labor on your own and you are healthy then 37 weeks is fine. My first was born just befor 37 wks and the second around 37.5 weeks.
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I just read that 37 weeks is full-term. My ticker on another site said "Congratulations...you're full-term" and I'm 37 weeks today!

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Yep, it seems to be the norm to consider 37 full term. Doesn't mean all babies are ready to come at 37 w, but the large majority are fine if born then. My ds2 was born at 37w2d and he was absolutely perfect.

edited to add: sorry to jump in on your ddc- i saw this post when i clicked "new posts". enjoy the rest of your pg!
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And babies come when THEY are ready, don't forget, NOT when we are

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after 37 weeks you are considered full term. the lungs and the central nervous system are mature, i guess that's the point.
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37+ is full term.. Anything below that is premature
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Well, the ctx are gone this morning (mostly -- I did have one good strong one when I was making the tea) but this was a real wake-up call that I need to finish up the final baby preparations like NOW.

(Of course now that I've said that, I'll go to 40+ weeks, just watch.)
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Some docs will even call 36 weeks "term" or at least "near term" (esp with twins). That was the point I had to make it to in order to be eligible for a birth center delivery.

And I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but just a reminder that every woman's gestation is different! One woman may be "term" at 38 weeks, but another maybe not until 42... all babies develop differently. A poor mama that I know from another message board just had a c-section for her twins right at 37 weeks - one of them couldn't suckle and breathe simultaneously and now they are both in the NICU for apnea. The specialist said that they are developmentally more like 35-36 weeks, even though they are *sure* of their date of conception (fertility treatments).

Granted, some come out even earlier and do just fine! Not meant to scare anyone, just a reminder to listen to these babies and let them do their thing!
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I know what you mean, as I had always learned that a "full-term" baby was born anywhere from 38-42 weeks. However, my ds was born at 36 weeks and 6 days, and he was considered "premature" by one day - LOL! a 7lb. 15oz preemie - LOL! Apparently 37 weeks is considered full term - or at least no longer "early"?

We had a hospital birth and he was required to do the carseat test - which is non-invasive so we didn't really mind, but he was probably one of the biggest babies to ever have to do that test. Our nurses tried to get him "out of it" but apparently the rules are the rules! (Argh - silly hospitals, sometimes!)
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yes, most OB's and midwives consider 37 weeks full term.

I prefer to think of 40 weeks as full term.
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If I had gone into labor at 36 weeks my mw would have been willing to do a hb.

She prefers 38+ weeks though much easier for everybody.
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