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Diaper rash/burn

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Please move this if it's not in the right spot

My dd has a diaper rash, but looks more like a burn...it's not on her but at all, but beet red on her girly parts. She is a very very heavy wetter at night, my mom said it looks like she's got a urine burn so......

what could cause this? She's changed frequently, no new soaps etc..

For nighttime should I just have her sleep nakey bare, and if so...How? she's a very very heavy wetter. Maybe just put a bunch of CD's down covering anywhere she may wonder to on the bed

thanks so much!!
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My daughter's skin is really sensitive to urine too. There are three things that work to keep her girl-parts from being red in the morning.

1. Changing her diaper a couple of times during the night, which is totally not practical, so I don't do it.
2. Using a barrier cream preemptively EVERY NIGHT. I find that Vaseline or Aquaphor work the best as barriers. They're inexpensive and clean up easily, too, unlike thicker titanium dioxide-type diaper creams.
3. If I don't use a barrier cream, using a microfleece doubler/liner. This actually works really well, although I tend to alternate nights between barrier cream and microfleece so that her skin doesn't get too dried out.

Good luck!
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I agree. These are steps I take too - DD has the same problem.

Also... hate to say it, but if it looks like she's getting a bit red (for whatever reason... she reacts to poop sitting for more than a couple of minutes - it shouldn't of course, but at daycare it can happen, for example) then I tend to put her in a sposie. I don't like it, but it does work.

Also - when her rash is really bad, I go with a mild hydrocortisone cream rather than a zinc cream to clear her up. It seems to work best on her. Sparingly... but it works.
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Sometimes a REALLY red rash can be a sign of a yeast problem. I'm talking really really BRIGHT red, here and it doesn't look lacy or anything like a "Rash" normally would, but it's just a big red area. I know a lot of kids get that if they've been on antibiotics and such. Just a thought. Hope that's not what she has! If that's what she has, though, putting her in disposables woudn't help.
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I was talking to my dad last night about diapering - and he mentioned that when we would drink a lot of juice, especially orange, pineapple, cranberry - our girly parts would get all red and irritated. So they would lay off the juice for awhile.
Don't know if that is the case for you, but perhaps that train of thought will help lead you to a solution.
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