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My water broke!!

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I slept HORRIBLY last night. I KNEW something was happening. I had had contractions all night that were really hard to sleep thru. But didn't want to go to the hospital for another false alarm.

So I woke at 6:30 with water all in my bed!!! Wish me luck.

*****Well, I never did update after I got back from the hospital. I went in was checked and was still 3-4 cm like I had been for like 4 days. After getting my first dose of antibiotics for GBS, we eaited 4.5 hours and nothing was happening. Contraction like 10 minutes apart and not too uncomfortable. We walked for an hour. And finally decided to start a small amount of pit. We started it at 12. At 3 I was begging for the epidural(and was only 5cm), got it around 4pm and was 10cm at 5pm. The nurse almost had to catch the baby becasue she was so shocked I was already 10cm she didn't have the room ready yet. So I pushed 2 times and she was born at 5:16pm. It was great. I was so excited to finally meet her.

Here is Saphira Winter
born 5-6-07
weighing 8lbs

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oh,oh,oh!!! another baby is on the way! best of luck to you....you're in my thoughts.
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Good luck!! How exciting. Have fun meeting your little girl!
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Have a wonderful day and swift and easy labor vibes to you!
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Woo hoo! Good luck!!!
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what a wonderful day to have a baby
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Oooh a 5/6/7 baby!!
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Woo-hoo! Baby time!
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Oo! You're going to get a 5/6/07 baby! Such a cool birthday!
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I hope your labor is going well, sending peaceful laboring vibes your way! Update us when you can.
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Hope things are going well Mama - have a blessed birth!
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Congratulations! I hope things are going well!
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Hope you are cuddling your new babe!
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