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We've skipped the well-baby visits too. I went to the first few, but the advice was so wacky that we stopped going.
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No WBV anymore for us either. Our DD presented with issues that almost every ped in the world considered a disaster of major proprtions. It took her over 1 month to regain her birthweight because of terrible suck problems that didn't right themselves until she was 3 mos old. I was told she would never breastfeed and that I had a responsibility to her to put her on formula. She is now a healthy 34lb 28 mo, who was exclusively bf'd until 16 months. Which brought us to our next problem: the fact that she vomited at the mere SIGHT of food until 16 mos. She was growing and developing fine, but didn't want to eat solids. Who could blame her with all the effort we went to to help her nurse . But, our ped told us, again, that we needed to force her to eat. I told him that unless he had a way of forcing her not to vomit, then I didn't really see how that was going to be possible.

THen, I switched to a "natural" nurse-practitioner. ON our first visit, she asked me if I was still night-nursing my then 16mo. When I responded yes (this is before I have even put my diaperbag down) she said "Well, you'll have to stop that now."

I got in my car that day and realized that I have NEVER had a WBV that didn't end up with me seriously reconsidering my natural mothering instincts and the ideas about parenting that I really believed in. So, we keep a ped on hand that we would want to use in the event that we are ever in an ER, but other than that I avoid all roads that lead to a pediatrician's office! My daughter has never been healthier for it.

As for the tear duct thing...My DD had that too. Our Ped, of course, acclaimed all the virtues of antibiotics and surgery, and told us that no amount of breastmilk would cure it and that leaving it alone would be akin to leaving her in the middle of the freeway during rushour. We did nothing and it cleared up, with no damage done whatsoever, at around 1 year.
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I really enjoyed your post. I know all too well that pang of guilt after leaving the office and questioning your personal values. When I surround myself with loving people and those who share my values I feel very confident with my parenting decisions, especially with the second child, but I tell ya, all it takes is one visit to an MD and I suddenly feel about an inch high when I leave.
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Originally Posted by mom0810 View Post
I do them just to have a "medical record" though. They are free with our ins., so might as well, you know? Our doctor has specific hours for only well babies, so we aren't really exposed to too much, I wouldn't think.
Same here - we've gone to every WBV that is recommended and we don't vax. Our ped hasn't mentioned vaxes since dd's 2 month visit when vaxes were supposed to start (and we declined, signed the paperwork and we've never heard about it again). For us, WBV is important just for cultivating a relationship w/ our ped, so that if we need him, we'll have a history, he knows us, etc and knows how we care for our kids. Claire had a double ear infection at 9 months, and even though the AAP recommends routing abx for children under 2, he knew that we wouldn't want it, so he gave it to me and said "just take it in case she throws a high fever, and call me tomorrow with an update". Since I have small kids (size-wise), I wanted to know how they were growing and I just like having the numbers to record in their baby books!
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My DS had a clogged tear duct until about 16 mos and it just magically went away one day. I wouldn't worry about it.
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My 4 y.o. dd has only been to the doctor about three times. Two of the times were when she was under two, and the quality of "care" at those visits were so underwhelming, I was tempted to ask for a refund of my co-payment.

The third time, last year, my dd insisted she had an ear infection and needed to see a doctor. So I took her, knowing full well that there was nothing wrong with her.

Other than the hassle with the nurse about deliberately not having a vax card (she was rendered speechless for a moment at that revelation), that visit actually was okay, sweet and short with no stupid questions (still nursing? etc.).
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No WBV here.....actually he saw a ped at 24 hours and hasn't seen one since..although he's never been sick....we've been blessed!!!
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Originally Posted by JamesMama View Post
I intend to buy one of those infant digital scales from BRU (they are like $100 but o'well) and keep track of Wee One's weight on that. Otherwise, I think they are a total waste of time.
I got a great baby scale from ebay very cheap so you might want to check out there before spending that much for a scale

I stopped taking ds after his 4 month appt. when I found out that vax were not manditory (if only I had known this years ago ) He did have a heart murmur at birth but a EKG and chest X ray showed no problems so I havnt taken him back for it. He only goes in when he is sick. Same for dd.
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I used to do all the visits on schedule, but got tired of the kids getting sick within a week of being there! So no more visits for us, although DH is wanting Abby to get checked out again here soon. Kayla had a heart problem that wasn't detected until 15 months, and he's worried that something might be wrong with Abby too.

The docs know us & our family, and tolerate us for not vaxing. Finding others isn't possible here. DH has problems so he's in there quite a bit (still trying to figure out what's causing them). Plus he's an EMT, so he's in their ER quite a bit too. Most thought we were crazy for having a HB too.
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I think the previous poster's remark about not harming my child is the kicker for me. Why just today I called the allergist because DS is very stuffy and coughing. He has been diagnosed with various allergies and I'm always concerned that we are developing asthma. He has a horrible cough and so I called. Because I made the comment to the nurse that he sometimes has a slight greenish color to his nose drainage, she calls me back after talking to the doc and all they want to do is put him on antibiotics. Didn't want to see him and or anything. I feel like the docs that I'm working with give me absolutely no credit to know what the heck I'm talking about. I just want to yell at them that I'm not one of those moms that calls the doc office all the time and at the drop of a hat and that I know from my mommy instincts that something is different. We've been through colds and such before and this is different. Anyway. I told them that I wasn't comfortable with giving him antibiotics without a much better reason. Nurse gave me attitude. "what do you want us to do then".. Ummm.... Maybe see him sometime before the June 25th appointment I could get.. Frankly.. I don't know that I want them to see him now if that's the way they practice medicine.. AARRRGGGHHHHH.. I'm so frustrated!
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ok maybe i'm way dumb here.... what is WBV
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Originally Posted by momma_j9 View Post
ok maybe i'm way dumb here.... what is WBV
Well Baby Visits

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My oldest DS had a clogged tear duct until he was 7 weeks. At my PP check-up with my midwife she noticed that he didn't fully turn his head to one side and that happened to be the side that the duct was on. We found a chiropractor that worked on infants, took him in, and that was it for the closed duct.
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Originally Posted by kezoo
For us, WBV is important just for cultivating a relationship w/ our ped, so that if we need him, we'll have a history, he knows us, etc and knows how we care for our kids.
I'm w/you. We have a wonderful relationship w/our ped., and my dd just loves to talk to her. The only thing my dd ped. preached was to do was is most comfortable to me. She knew I bf for over a year, co-slept, the whole nine yards. Being a new mother, I sometimes liked the reassurance that I was doing ok, b/c the support really wasn't there from my family. They are very mainstream and just knew I was going to stop bfing after about two weeks. But I fooled them and was able to nurse for 18 months.
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