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Maybe early labor?

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This morning around 8:00 am I started having BH contractions fairly regularly. By about 11:30 they started getting stronger starting in my lower back and wrapping around to the front. At 2:30 I started actually timing them and they've been 4-5 min apart starting in my back and going to my front like menstrual cramps and then back to my back with my uterus hard. They are 50-70 seconds long. Just over the past few they will be 70 seconds and then stop for a second and then start up again in my back. Is this early labor? I'm afraid to think it is because I'm just not sure. This is how DS2 labor started but they got really strong about 6 hours after they started and then he was born 3 hours later. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens...
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sounds like it could be early labor..
or practice labor.
You'll soon know!!
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If you have a baby a few hours from now then it's early labour. If not, who knows! I'm hoping it's the latter, though! Keep us posted!

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either way, your body is working hard, progressing!! thats awesome!!

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here's to a 5/6/07 baby!!!
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sounds promising to me!
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Well ever since around 4:30 they've gotten weaker and stopped. I don't know what to think but I'm getting pretty annoyed and very cranky. I know baby's come at their own pace but I'm beginning to think this one is posterior and that is the reason for the stalling labor. I hope that the contractions today thinned/dilated my cervix some but I don't have much hope because in the past few weeks I've only gotten to 1 cm (whereas with DS2 I got to 2cm at 40 wks and 3cm at 41 and then went into labor quickly on my own). My right foot got really swollen and very painful today and I now feel miserable and like I am going to cry. I have a NST tomorrow and I'm hoping from some good news (like I'm really dilated, etc.) I can't keep up with the house and the children and my body being so big and the stress and worry about how this labor will go for much longer (I had a very bad experience with DS1 being posterior and having the cord around his neck and meconium in the fluid and needing forceps, etc.--and I'm a bit paranoid now even though DS2 came out quite easily).
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big hugs to you mama.

the end is sooooooooooooooo trying. i can totally understand all of what you're feeling right now. i would say (easier said than done, i know) to try to use this break for a rest because i'm sure you'll be needing some more energy soon.

you're in my thoughts and i am sure you'll be holding your sweet newborn very soon.
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I'm sure you can bet that those contractions are doing their thing for your cervix!
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Every little bit of labor helps, so try not to get discouraged.
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Just had my appt...I'm now 2cm and thinned out a lot (didn't ask how much). I'm so happy!!!
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Yay sounds like a great appointment! Any more contractions?
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Originally Posted by veganbaby View Post
Yay sounds like a great appointment! Any more contractions?
I had some sporadic ones today but nothing like yesterday. I'm hoping that they just decide to start back up again tonight or tomorrow morning!
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