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Slow, laid back day for us here. MT was sick yesterday, so we're laying low for another day, just for kicks. Maintenance came by and fixed our a/c, and I had a fish sandwich and refried beans for lunch. Bizarre combo, and it even seemed odd as I was eating it, but it sure tasted good.

Keri, you've got to post pictures of the Princess Room when it get it done! I mentioned to Tom last night that I might want to paint the boys' bedroom right before we move MT in, and he didn't say a word for a very long time. Then, "well, I bet you could do that during one or two naptimes, right? You would do this yourself, right? I wouldn't have to do this, right?". Bah. So I'm re-thinking it. Might be nice though, kind of a way of personalizing it for them both and making it a fun transition.

Nic, Mom and I used to write notes to each other when I was pre-teen. She saved them all. I sometimes now put notes in T's lunchbox, he loves it. Just silly things, but anything that opens up communication is precious. You never know what your kids will find the most valuable.
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Originally Posted by bdavis337 View Post
Keri, you've got to post pictures of the Princess Room when it get it done! I mentioned to Tom last night that I might want to paint the boys' bedroom right before we move MT in, and he didn't say a word for a very long time. Then, "well, I bet you could do that during one or two naptimes, right? You would do this yourself, right? I wouldn't have to do this, right?". Bah. So I'm re-thinking it. Might be nice though, kind of a way of personalizing it for them both and making it a fun transition.
That's one of the reasons why I'm doing it. I want her to make it "hers"; to really love her room (like i said before, it's a cosleeping family's dream when a kid actually wants to get out!) I want to do it now, so she can transition while I can help. If we do it too close to Kalia's birth, I can't be getting up in the middle of the night to help her adjust, if she needs me, with a screaming hungry newborn in my bed (alone with ds!) Don't you just LOVE when our men help out? Like, 'aren't we all in this together'? : Wouldn't it benefit everyone to do these things in the house? I guess they just don't see it our way? My dh DOES help out around the house, but I'm on super-speed, and he's like "Can't you just give me a break?" Break? Are you kidding me? Where's my break? Break! HA!
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break?! ha ahahahahahahahaha! do they actually think WE get breaks?

hair found here password is: friend
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Originally Posted by AddysMama View Post
break?! ha ahahahahahahahaha! do they actually think WE get breaks?

hair found here password is: friend
not working: with the password
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Tiffany, WOW!!! I love it, and I bet you feel freeeeeeee!

Funny, I cut my hair off with pregnancy #1, kept it super short for years and started growing it back out last summer. It's realllllllly long now compared to the cut I had this time last year, those pregnancy hormones give my hair a huge boost, so I can't wait to see how long it gets before it gets nasty again postpartum
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Tiffany- I am confused. Are the dates just wrong, but that is your new short cut? Or, are some of those pics of when you hair used to be short before it grew long? I love the pic of the babe and your hubby(?) sleeping. Did they seriously fall asleep like that, or was it planned? Too cute! I like the short do whenever it was!

I love my hair since I cut it all off. It is long enough to put in short pigtails again, and I haven't gotten the headaches I was getting. I just keep forgetting to send my hair away. It sits on my desk...as a silent reminder....

I am trying to sew a little and organize a little today. Hopefully, all goes well. We had a playdate today, but now Benji is in bed for his nap. It took a little longer for him to unwind that it should have. Oh well. Baby is stretching out in there right now so I think I need to go stand over my cutting table for a while.
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How weird, the password isn't working for me, either. Ah well, I bet you look fantastic!

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*whine, whine, whine*

My foot hurts! It feels like the muscle in the arch of my foot is pulled as tightly as possible and I can't get it to relax or I'll finally get it to calm down and then have to go somewhere and it starts up all over again. It's from my shoes.. and standing ALL day yesterday cleaning.

Kyle wrote me a letter back telling me how he feels.. so it was definitely a good plan to do that. We are both a little more aware of how the other feels although some of the things that he stated I feel he's too young for just yet. I'm hoping the summer goes smoothly between us.
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Mel, the hair is in the folder labeled Tiff Hair
thats so odd, i just used the password friend to get into it and it worked... hmm i wonder why y'all cant get in.
the pics of when Addy was a baby was the last time my hair was this short, and i HATED it. this time i LOVE it, cause i had the PERFECT stylist! and it looks amazing i think.
and Addy and Morgan sleeping with one arm up... they ALWAYS did that. no matter how DH was sleeping, so would she, they would turn at the same moment too. it was SO sweet.
She does that with me now. at almost 3.

*sigh* my baby will be three when this one is born. THREE!!!!

Nic, good idea about the letter writing. and OWWW about the foot!
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update on my due date saga

So, I talked with my midwife yesterday and she was extremely sympathetic and essentially said that she would *not* have ordered that u/s on Monday because I was only measuring 31.5 cm at 28 wks; but I had seen a different mw the last time and I guess she was more concerned with going "by the book" (ironically, this time around I was only measuring 31 cm at 30 wks :-- presumably because baby has turned). Well, basically the situation is that now that I have had the official u/s, there is paperwork "out there" stating that the baby is big and is measuring in the 97th percentile... and, unbeknownst to me, the birth center is not allowed to be used by anyone whose baby is measuring above the 93%ile (comparing head circumference to abdominal circumference) because they're concerned about shoulder displasia. My mw does NOT think this is something to be concerned about (she does not believe the baby is that big, and neither do I!), so now she is trying to fix the situation and figure out how to ensure that I can still use the birth center. This will most likely involve changing my due date so that the baby does appear to be so big on paper, as well as me taking ANOTHER GTT test to prove again that I do not have GD and that, rather, the dates or measurements are just off, and having another follow-up u/s in a few weeks. : Ugh, I'm so annoyed that I went and had that darn u/s, but now it's done and I just hope the situation can be rectified. I'm feeling pretty optimistic that the situation will resolve itself (probably b/c my mw was so supportive), but won't know for sure for a couple of weeks.

Moral of the story, avoid extra ultrasounds!
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Oh man, Heather. : Gotta love those "by the book" care professionals, huh? I'm very glad that the midwife you'd been seeing all along is going to work with you to adapt to the nonsense, though.

This baby was a wild and active maniac all night long. At around 3 AM I was wondering what the heck was going on in there- movements were very jerky, like it was having a major coughing fit. I just hope the gymnastics don't coil the baby in a tangle of cord, sheesh. Logically, I know it probably won't, but in the middle of the night, I just don't think very logically!

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I cut my hair off for this pregnancy,too and I was going to grow it out a little but with the humidity , I think I better keep it really short! I end up looking like I have a helmet on at the end of the day ~
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I hate being a pregnant, emotional wreck

I feel so stupid even posting this, but I knew you would understand...maybe. I also have to get my emotions under control before I start contracting again. Basically, I ordered my pretty new sling from a co-op that a bunch of us all did. I was the first person on the list to order mine so I thought it would end up being a little first come, first served kind of fair. Well...it is not. It appears that I am not getting the one I ordered (the only one I cared about and the reason I ordered 2 more). I just found out last night, and I seriously can't stop crying! This really can't be good for the baby, but I really can't stop! It was the pretty butterflies one, and I kind of feel like my grandmother has been sending me butterflies or maybe I have just been more aware of them. They were her favorite, and I have seen them all over the place (in the strangest places even) this pregnancy. It also doesn't help that Sunday would have been her birthday, and I really miss her not knowing my kids. Now, I really can't stop crying. I was kind of hoping that if I got all this out, maybe I could stop. Sorry to vent.

I did find a few online in the same print that were all sold out, and I found one for over twice the original retail price. I really want this stupid thing, but I can't imagine paying that jacked up of a price for it. My sister offered to buy it anyway, but my principles say not for that price!
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I'm sorry about the sling! Can you find a similar fabric, and maybe have someone make you one? There might be a mama on Hyena Cart or something who does slings.
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Mel I'm sorry sweetie.. I've been super emotional lately as well. I hope you find some sort of solution.

I am SO swollen today.. it started yesterday and my feet are ok now but my hands are puffy, I have my shower at dh's work to go to this afternoon. I'm really not looking forward to it because I've never met these people in my life and feel less than stunning right now. At least it's going to be cooler today.. another 80+ degree day wouldn't have been a lot of fun to deal with.

Tiffany I thought I said how much I loved your new cut! I don't see it anywhere though... so I'll say it again. You look radiant!!!!
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Hey, I figured it out! I held down control when I hit enter after putting the password in. I think my pop-up control was messing with it, because all it used to do was flip it back to the log-in page. It looks so cute! Love the "Thai food" photo, btw!

Mel- I hope that sling still works its way to you.

Contracting mamas- "relaxing day vibes" to you all! Our babies need a little more time! Last night I swear this baby was making a shiv out of a rib and stabbing my cervix repeatedly. It was taking my breath away. It's a bit better today.

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My turn to be an emotional wreck...
I had gotten dh these tickets to see Alison Kraus in February. This was before I got the wrestling tickets. Anyway, when I realized that the concert was going to be on Mother's Day weekend, I asked if we could stay the night there and that could be my present. Totally getting him off the hook to have to think of what to get me (but we usually only do a little present for these anyway). He agreed and said that he would leave at noon so that we could take our time getting there, check into a hotel, swim, eat, then go to the concert.
So, last night I asked about his mom so that I would know what to tell the babysitter who is coming at 11:30 so that she would know what time MIL was coming. He said that he isn't leaving work until 4!!! And, he is on call this weekend, so we need to get up around 7 in the morning to get home in case one of his guys need him!!
All I had asked for was 24 hours without the kids! Is that honestly too much to ask for? There is no way that we can eat if we leave at 4. And I'll be damned if I am going to pay that money to stay at a hotel when we will leave the concert at 11ish, fight traffic to get to it, check in (if there are any rooms)- to only be there from 12 until 7!! That's what time the kids get me up at home. What the hell kind of present is that?
He thinks I'm being hormonal about it. Umm, no, I wouldn't say that. More like homicidal!
So, I cried myself to sleep last night and he didn't even care cause he was sound asleep.
Mel~ I am right there with ya. I think that is totally unfair when all along I have thought that all the butterflies were a sign from your grandmother. *hugs* to you.
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Yesterday I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine from high school who I see every now and then. She's much more "mainstream" than I, and she was so funny to listen to. Her reactions to some of my statements were also funny, and I bet she thinks I'm a bit of a nut. Fun though, and I'm anxious to get together with her as she's due in Oct herself, with boy #3 for her as well.

MT and Tristan are happily playing in the big bedroom, which I've decided needs to be painted either a yellow-y mustard color or a redish rust color. My camera needs new batteris, so I'm having trouble taking pics of the curtains. I'm not much for theme-ish rooms, so I just want something that will match even if I eventually change the curtains to something more nuetral as they get older (I have a nice set of FIVE denim panels with rivets and really cool edging from JC Penny just waiting to be used!) I also like very muted, understated colors. I've been thinking about doing a chair rail height color - just on the bottom 1/3 of the wall, and then getting a FREE gallon of the horrible Sherwin Williams Bone White Flat from the association that we're required to use when we move out, and doing the upper 2/3 in that again. Might be the easiest way to go, although I'd have to tape off and measure.

I better go see what's happening in the other room, there is SILENCE......
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Thanks ladies! I actually did a detailed search for the fabric after I ordered the sling. I wanted to make a matching diaper bag, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I think they must special order it. I guess I should just be glad that I didn't make a matching diaper bag (I thought about embroidering one to match) because that would have really set me off. My sis told me that she has been seeing butterflies in strange places, too, so I feel a little less crazy in thinking that it is a sign or message from my grandmother. I think that is also why she offered to buy the too expensive one. There have been a couple of people that got the wrong size and sent them back. Hopefully, they can give me one of those. If not, my hubby wants me to get a full refund and never buy from them again. He has a strong good service or no service mentality.

IamPink- I am so sorry about your plans! After enduring wrestling and all that fun, you deserve a nice 24 hours! Good luck!

Nic- Sorry you are swollen! I am too, but we keep getting rain. All of our lakes are full or overfull for the first time in years...and it keeps raining. I'm not complaining, but I would love to take a dunk in the now open pool! It is going to be only 80 today, and that may be too cool to go swimming.

Ok! No more emotional days! No more bad contracting this early! Bella is contracting right now so I am goint to try to calm her down. She is also transverse and pushing which isn't feeling good at all. I wonder if there is a silly teeny-bopper movie on tv now.
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Originally Posted by bdavis337 View Post

I better go see what's happening in the other room, there is SILENCE......

Uh oh! Maybe they've already painted it for you!

I am dreading work. I feel like something's going to happen. It's a long and convoluted story, but for anyone who's been following my adventures in this weird place- more staff has left, one of my kindergarten parents who decided to work there part time (and was suckered into doing a thousand times more, mostly gratis, because she's way too nice for her own health) quit in a horrible scene with the director (but oddly was there yesterday, I think they're threatening to withhold her last paycheck unless she does XYZ) and a few other ladies have left. The place is a sinking ship, and it's all a huge combination of weird cultish behavior on the part of the church, and poor business management on the part of the directors.

Yesterday the site director interrupted my math lesson to tell me that the parent/staff member couldn't come to my class Mother's Day Tea because of the time it was held (I had sent out invitations to parents/caregivers more than a week ago). I told her that I picked the time to accomodate ALL of the schedules involved. I think they're not going to let this particular mother come to the frigging Tea! As some stupid "punishment" for quitting, and also because she had belonged to that church and now is leaving. Which will make my student cry and the other parents and kids uncomfortable. The director said, "Well, maybe she can come for a little while." I gave her my best dead snake look, and told her as calmly as possible (as we had an audience of five year olds) "We will talk about this later. The tea has already been planned out."

Of course she was unavailable later.

If they try to pull this, I swear... Part of me knows that they've essentially hammered their own feet to the floor, and are going to go down with this horrible wreck of a daycare/preschool and kindergarten when I leave. I have 19 days of this BS to deal with and I'm done. I could not begin to care any less what they do to themselves but BY GOD if they eff up my students they're going to get it with both fists. This is re-fu@%ing-diculous. There's a lot more going on, but it really would take a book... ugh. I need to write all of this down at some point.

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