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Brag Thread

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Here's your chance to be a proud mama and brag a little. What cute or adorable things are your babes doing? Any really special or wonderful moments recently? Anything you're really proud of in your parenting? Come on, let's share! This DDC is slowing down so much...
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Okay my turn!

The twins are almost 12 weeks now and Rachel is making the most adorable cooing noises and grinning and waving her hands around whenever I so much as catch her eye. She's trying to start little conversations with me, and it's so cute! I think she's gonna be a people person.

And maybe I shouldn't brag about this, but I found out accidentally that Jamie can roll over. I had him swaddled last night and he fell asleep and I laid him down in the sidecar and went to brush my teeth and all of a sudden I heard these grunting noises like somebody struggling and I found him flat on his belly with his arms still all wrapped up so he couldn't lift his head up, and he was flopping around like a fish trying to get himself rightside-up again. I felt horrible for him, and picked him up right away, but it's still pretty neat to know he's strong enough to flip himself over like that.

So tell us about your babes!
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Lilia turned 6 weeks last Friday and rolled from her belly to her back on Sunday!!!
She is absolutely adorable and much more even tempered than her sisters.

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oh, I love bragging
Romea is 5 weeks today and she has THE MOST INTENSE EYES EVER. She connected with me deeply today and then smiled at me with her first BIG SMILE. She's smiled a bunch before, but this was the first time directly at me and she kept looking in my eyes. I swear this girl's got some magic.
And she swatted at her animals on her playmat today, hitting and cooing for a while, it was just really cute.
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I never have been very active in our DDC, but I'm still here. My big Robby just turned 6 weeks and rolled from front to back last night. He'll crack a huge smile when you tell him he has pretty eyes and he's got dimples in his chubby cheeks.
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sagan is nearly eight weeks old and soo easy going.

he is such a happy little guy. he loves to squeal and smile. and sometimes we have squealing concerts.....
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Seamus is 5 weeks old. The other day I was reading him The Very Quiet Cricket, and when I looked down, he had a big ol' smile on his face-- the first real one, I think.
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Oh, my little Ivy is so much fun! She was 11 weeks on Monday, and she's very easy going. As long as she's being held she's happy! (My son and foster DD were very high-needs babies, so I really do deserve a calm one this time around...) She smiles and coos all the time, and she's starting to blow raspberries and blow spit bubbles- it's too cute! She's already started to get a little bald spot on the back of her head from all her action. She's learned to eat her fists, and I can hear her sucking and smacking on them sometimes when she's riding in the car. She generally hates her carseat, but she'll fall asleep after a few fit-full minutes - unlike her brother who would scream the entire car ride. Ivy sleeps really well at night, usually eating at 1am and 4am, but she mostly just catnaps during the daytime so it's kinda hard to get stuff done 'cause she likes being held. Thank GOODNESS for slings!

I'm kind of getting irked by people's comments on her size, though. She was only 6lbs 1oz at birth and she's probably only about 11 or 12 pounds right now. She nurses exclusively- she's not very good with a bottle, and the one time I let her have formula (milk based) she screamed and screamed because it hurt her poor little tummy. People are always commenting on how tiny she is, and today I even got asked if I'm "letting" her have one bottle a day to increase her calories!!! : My son wasn't very big either (7lbs 3oz at birth), and my husband is of thin build, so why would my DD be chubby??? She nurses whenever she wants, and still eats at night, so why am I worried? I guess I just don't like hearing people's comments on my parenting.

Gonna go snuggle up in bed with her right now.
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