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Happy Anniversary Vanessa!

Yay Marvelleaux!

I'm having lots of cramping today, so much that I'm afraid to leave the house. I have a MW appt today but unless DH can get out early and drive me I might not go. I'm gonna throw a movie on for DS and lay down and see if the cramping stops. It's getting really intense. I feel ready now, no more labor apprehension for me But I think this might be a false start. I guess we'll see.
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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
Happy Anniversary Vanessa!

Yay Marvelleaux!

I'm having lots of cramping today, so much that I'm afraid to leave the house. I have a MW appt today but unless DH can get out early and drive me I might not go. I'm gonna throw a movie on for DS and lay down and see if the cramping stops. It's getting really intense. I feel ready now, no more labor apprehension for me But I think this might be a false start. I guess we'll see.
oh exciting!!! happy anniversay!!! and i can't wait to hear if you're having our second june baby jilian. good luck!!
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This is getting so exciting, I can't believe would could have more new babies this week. I am wondering how I can hold on until the 20th, which is the date my MW gave me for my home birth. I feel so big and I have definately dropped, I have contractions and cramping a lot, I try to take it easy as I want to keep the babe in at least another week or so. Oh but I am so ready.
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Is it hot by you Jilian? Ugh, I've been miserable the last two days and it's barely 80 degrees... the heat and humidity makes me crampy and grouchy. I'm so glad this kid is due soon and not September like my first son.

I had my first "this sucks" moment today... I ran to get DS some sandals at the mall and he was a real handful there. He's old enough to walk on his own but he's all over the place. Completely exhausting and we were only there a half hour. I got into the car after finally getting him in there and sitting down and I just lost it and started bawling. I called my DH who was a little worried since I haven't had many moments like this. He thought something was really wrong and I was just having a hard time and needed to vent. LOL I had to run one other errand at Target. I went to the bathroom when we got there and got the last of the emotion out and splashed a little water on my face. While we were in the store I heard a brand new baby crying and the tears started flowing again. I really need a nap today... I think the past two nights of shotty sleep finally caught up to me.
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Happy birthday PatchChild!
Happy Anniversary Willo!
Happy Anniversary Vanessa too!

Sorry I'm a bit later on those... I didn't sign on for two days and look what happens!!!! Shannon has her BABY!!!!

Jilian.... I hope either things settle down.... or progress into labor what ever works!

I'v ebeen having alot of BH.... I wouldn't call them "crampy" so much as really tight.... almost like being squeezed perhaps.... no, thats not it either.... it feels.... like... well, for lack of a better way of describing it, like my uteris is contracting I would never define BH, or labor contractions as "crampy" or period like in nature.... so i suppore mine are no different than usual... just daily now and some times for a good hour or so at regular-ish intervals.

MW appointment yesterday, DexP acctually showed up. Then he and I went out to lunch and I pretty much told him he needed to (pardon my french) "Sh*t or get off the pot." I told him, if he wanted and easy answer to "whether to work things out with me" or not then the answer was no. I dont want to be strung along anymore (he'll have days and moments when he cries and misses me and asks if I think we can work things out).

I told him enough was enough and that we were either going to try to work on things, with the help of individual AND couple therepy, and we were going to do it now, before the baby comes. OR it's done. and I dont want to hear him say "maybe" and "waht if" and "can we" anymore.

Is this completely stupid of me? I'm just tired of it all I suppose.
Labor is approaching and it's only a matter of time before this little baby come's into the world and My attention and energy CAN NOT be wasted on him if he's not coming around. you know?
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I had some spotting this morning and that REALLY scared me silly!

The family bedroom is a total mess (the walls and ceiling are painted, but there is still a lot of constuction stuff in there, the bed isn't assembled, the co-sleeper hasn't been set up or aired out or attached or...well...the room is a mess!). The rest of the house isn't much better. And there are dozens of little projects I want to finish (the nursing necklace, decluttering the guest bedroom, and so forth) not to mention I'd REALLY like to be over this cold by the time babe arrives.

So the spotting stopped and I feel fine, and the crampy BH haven't come back but... I think I'm going to tell DH tonight that he HAS to get a move on certain projects.

Willo- any better? Getting more sleep? I took some of the codiene stuff last night and managed to sleep for about three hours (a miracle!) and I'm hoping this is on it's way out (though I feel really ick today...a big storm front is moving in, I can hear the thunder, and the pressure change is killing my ears...they fell like they're gonna pop!). I talked with my plague carrying friend in Belmont and she said she "felt fine" after two weeks. Well...this weekend is two weeks, so fingers crossed that you and I are going to feel fine by Sunday at the latest!

WhiteWax- No...that is not stupid AT ALL. That is exactly what you need to to and say and feel and believe in order to prepare for this new babe. Your ex needs to actually HEAR you and UNDERSTAND what you are saying and since it sounds like he has a good deal of trouble hearing/understanding I think being very very blunt is the best way to go. Its hard, but hang in there...you're being strong for your little ones as well as for yourself.
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That was very wise, WhiteWax! What was his reaction?

Spotting, Wombat? EEEK! That would have scarped the crap out of me as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys can get the house put together a bit more before your labour starts!

I think my hormones are gearing up, hardcore... I not only /watched/ Oprah yesterday, which I never do, but I was in tears through most of it (inspirational episode, and the first segment was all about adoption and rescued babies...). TEARS. And I spent half an hour Tuesday sorting and wshing our tupperware & lids. Kill me now.
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WhiteWax - That was the *perfect* thing to do/say. And it's just the right attitude to have, as well. You're taking care of yourself and your babies in the best way you can, with or without him. All this wishy-washy crap he's been doing just causes everyone unnecessary pain and frustration. He needs to be an adult, make a decision, and stick with it. Go you!
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Wow, spotting, cramping and mucous plugs popping out left and right! It sounds like our DDC is really moving along.

DH got a break at work and took me to the MW appt. I was contracting a bit there. Babe turned posterior today and now I'm having some back false (or early?) labor. I asked the MW and she thinks babe is about 6 lbs, so tiny, but not bad for almost 37 weeks. I decided to be checked and nothing is going on down there but some bloody show. Tonight I need to do some pelvic rocks and she told me to have sex in that position too I'm not too worried, this baby switches from left to right side all the time so I have faith that he'll go back. Right now DS is visiting with his dad and I'm resting and drinking some RRL and trying to get on hands and knees for short periods of time. I wonder what tonight will bring?

Whitewax Good for you for coming out and letting your ex know what you want! That is not stupid of you at all, it's a really good thing. You are completely right that you should not waste anymore energy on him if he's just gonna leave you blowing in the wind. I'm proud of you!
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Wow Jilian! I can't wait to hear what happens...

The spotting stopped after a few hours, and the crampy BH stopped a bit after that. So I'm hoping I have another week to kick this cold and get the house in order. But I tell you I was freaked out this morning!

I almost called DH at work to say "get home NOW! I need you to paint a wall!"
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Way to go, Jamie!

I think impending labor can bring us a certain clarity about what exactly we need to get done. I think you said exactly what you needed to say, and I hope he heard you loud and clear.

Wombat-- I feel definitely improved today. Oh, there's still the occasional painful cough, but I am now swallowing liquids without wincing. My energy was also much better today. I did take two naps of about one hour each, but wasn't tired enough to sleep, which I consider another good sign.

I had my 34 week appointment today. I've gained another 5 pounds in the last two weeks, bringing me up to 35 pounds gained so far. I guess I'll be topping 40 lbs again this time. : Just, please God, let me stay below 200 total. Big sigh!

I was a little swollen today, so I'm hoping that was at least partly water weight. I certainly don't think I ate much these past couple of weeks what with being sick and all. (BP was fine, though, so no worries about the puffiness.)

I made DH put the window air conditioner in tonight. I know we're getting our central air in 3 - 1/2 weeks, but I don't feel like I'll survive even a couple more 80 F days.

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whitewax, good for you for saying what you want.

Happy anniversary to all, it's a good time of year to celebrate.

Thanks for all the b-day wishes.

I went for my 37 week apt today and found out that one of the OB's at my practice is pregnant herself. I haven't seen her since I was about 20 weeks and it turns out she's due at the start of August. Just seemed interesting to be chatting about delivery with someone only two months behind me. When I went in and saw the nurse, her last instruction was to undress waist down and the Dr. would be in to do a cervix check. I told her I didn't want to and she was fine with that. Dr. came in and we chatted a bit about the medical permission form they wanted me to sign. I had questions about the episiotimy part and her response was that she did her last one about a year and a hlaf ago, at the request of the patient. The other OB's have similar records as well, which had me feeling much better. Nice to see changes in the medical world. She listened to the heartbeat and measured and all looked great.

Then came the interesting part. I'm still laying back and she asks if I'm wearing underwear under my skirt. Huhhh? Am I wearing any? Um, yes.... Followed by her asking if I wanted her to do an internal check. Right, suddenly the underwear question made so much more sense. I was so confused for a minute there....
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Willo- thats good news! My throat is still pretty sore, and I'm still coughing up a lung if I try to lay down flat, but I think I'm on the upswing too. Huzzah!
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Would you guys get better already? Sheesh! (I wonder if it's possible to nag the sickness out of someone... I'm giving it my best shot).

I'm just stopping in to say hi. I still can't sit for long periods of time so my posting has really become brief.

So my tummy has stretched to high-hell and boy does it sting! Anyone else with the owie belly?

A question for those who have lost their mucous plug before: Did you notice a lot more wetness when this happened? I'm starting to wonder if I might be leaking water but can't be sure. Any similar experiences?
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Marvelleaux-- I've felt like I've had a major increase in the "mushy-gushies" (my name for this particular aspect of pregnancy ) lately, and that it is more clear/wet and less creamy/white. It crossed my mind about a water leak, too, but I have no reason to think I've burst my bag o' waters otherwise, so I'm trying not to get paranoid.

Health-wise, I actually slept from 10 pm to 3 am before I got up to pee and had my first coughs of the night. Bliss! (Still had a fairly sore throat that felt really swollen/choking when I woke up on my left side, but it was Tylenol-manageable pain.) Now, when I got back from the bathroom, I noticed DH was missing from the bed and I had a moment of alien-abduction panic (long-running family joke.) Turns out, DH was much WORSE last night and went to sleep on the couch to avoid bothering me and to rest upright for a while to drain his congestion. Poor man!

In other weird news, DS went to sleep a touch later than usual for his nap (about 3:30 pm) and didn't wake up until this morning at 5 am!!! We woke him briefly at bedtime to change his diaper, put on his jammies, and basically because we were nervous about him sleeping so long, but he went back to bed after that. He's never done this before. He woke up happy and seems quite healthy, so I guess everything is fine. He's just ready to nap much earlier than usual after getting up 2-3 hours before usual.

It's only hitting 72 F here today, but I'm running the AC already. : I'm going to nap with DS and I am swollen again/still (hard to get the feet above the heart when one's congestion forces putting the head pretty high to sleep!) and I just don't want to be hot, darn it.

Definitely realized last night that sleeping on my left makes my throat feel closed up, so that may be a factor in Glooby assuming a less optimal position these past few days. It just figures that my instinct that this kid wants to be poorly positioned would be the most accurate! :

The floor guy should come today to do his measurements/prep-work for the new kitchen floor. I hope he doesn't come while we're napping, because I'll have to let him in. :yawning:

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You mamas need to get better, I'm putting my foot down! Enough sickness, I expect everyone to be better by tomorrow (in time for mother's day) ok? No excuses!

My stomach stings from stretching too, but only in my belly button area. The skin is so tight there, I feel like it is going to rip open. The skin around my belly button looks like one massive stretch mark, I think it is from the scar tissue of having my belly button pierced. I've been using burts bees oil on it every day and hoping for the best.

Add me to the list of mamas who are sweating like a pig and having to wear a pantiliner every day. I keep the house as cold as a meat locker, we're in SW FL and it's been in the high 80's some days. I don't know how anyone manages being pregnant in the summer here. I'm still spotting and hanging out in prodromal labor land. Labor starts with a vengence then stops an hour or two later. It doesn't bother me much though, maybe because I'm still not sick of pregnancy. I'm not in a hurry to get the baby out so I'm just hanging out and hoping for some "free centimeters" before real labor starts.

Does anyone have any big plans for mother's day?
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Midwife is on her way over to hang out with me for bit--it appears my water did indeed break!

I was standing nekkid in the bathroom getting ready for my shower and gushed all over the floor!
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I finished all of the replacement medium diapers yesterday! Diapers are done!

I also found a great flooring place this week. Dh is having a couple of buddies come over tomorrow to get the last of the soaked carpet out from downstairs and help him haul it off. I'm waiting right now for the guy to come measure for our new carpet. In 2 1/2 weeks, all of the carpet in our house will have been replaced. Then I can get back to my previous plan of all the things I want to get done before number 3 gets here. I feel better just having a plan in place.

Normally our house is pretty decluttered, but we have taken the flood as a sign to hard-core declutter and make our "comfortable simplicity" style even more simple. So, as we get the house back in order, some stuff is just going to leave. I think that will help dh with keeping the house in order as I take a couple of weeks off from managing the house and he steps into that role.

We are also going to a Scholastic Book Fair this weekend to pick up some more books to have on hand in those early months when I need to be able to just grab a book to read to the kids. Dh laughed last night as we talked about decluttering and then said we were going to go buy more books. We moved 7 bookcases worth of books upstairs earlier this week. Okay, dh carried them up and I stacked them on the floor. Apparently, books don't fall into the declutter category. We do plan to get rid of some of our current books, though.

I can't believe people are already having babies. That makes it just a bit scary for me. I need more time!
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Marvelleaux - ACK! YAY! WOW! And other words all in caps! How exciting/scary!

My water broke on it's own about 12 hours before contractions began, so you may have a while to wait...but maybe not! My own care provider is happy waiting till mama goes into labor on her own as long as mama and babe seem healthy (no fever, no elevated bp, etc) so don't let anyone rush you into an induction or put you on a clock or anything like that. But still! Wow! I guess we really do need to get that "baby announcement" sticky up and going soon.

I know everything will go well...keep us posted when you can...and happy birthing!

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