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Yeah, I don't expect contractions to kick in for awhile. In fact, I have a small family dinner party planned for tonight that I intend to continue with .

My midwife would not put me on a schedule. As long as there is no sign of infection we should be good to hang out as long as necessary. I think everything is going to be great--the fluid was very pale, clear yellow so little wattlet is still swimming around in a clean bath!

I'll keep you all updated once things pick up (I'll start a labor thread you so can all cheer me on/point and laugh ).
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Originally Posted by Marvelleaux View Post
Midwife is on her way over to hang out with me for bit--it appears my water did indeed break!

I was standing nekkid in the bathroom getting ready for my shower and gushed all over the floor!
Oh how exciting!!!! My water broke before labor started with my second. The feeling of anticipation knowing I would soon be holding a little one in my arms but not having any pain or contractions yet. It was a feeling I'll probably never forget. Sending you easy, productive labor vibes for once things get rolling!!! I can't believe it's starting to be time for the June babies!!!

As for me, I had a rough night full of potty trips brought on by lots and lots of strong contractions. I don't think they mean anything and seem to have stopped finally this morning, but ugh! 5 more weeks of that and I'm going to be a way overtired basketcase. Hopefully it won't happen again until baby day. And hopefully baby day won't be for at least a week as I'd be birthing at the hospital otherwise.
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OMG Marvelleaux!! How exciting! I hope you have a beautiful and peaceful labor, keep us updated if you can. I'm so excited!
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Marvelleaux-- I hope you get to enjoy your dinner party. My water broke before my ctx started with DS, but only a few hours before. : Keep us informed if you can.

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Yeah Marvelleux!!!: I am so jealous, but have to hold on another week. Keep us updated as I want to know everything!!: My water broke with my first and contractions started right away, I loved it!!

jilian sounds like your going to have a quick labor when it does happen, I am just so excited for everyone!:
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Marvelleaux (now you have all the dancing vegtables rooting for you!)Sooooooooo exciting!!!! When I read your earlier post about some extra wetness after losing your plug i thought "she'll KNOW when her water breaks" and then low and behold I read your other post about your gush Hope things go nice and smoothly and just the way you want them!

Jilian... in reference to the contractions that dont really seem to be going anywhere ultimately... i just keep thinking "ok, these either need to produce a baby or leave me alone!!! At least for a day!" But you'r right about gaining some extra ground as far as centimeters are concerned!!!!

No big plans for Mothers day here.... well nothing exciting anyway. But wiching every one a happy Mothers day just the same, whether your an old pro at Mommy-hood or if this is your first mothersday!! HAPPY HAPPY To ALL (a little early)
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I got a nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to sleep (without coughing!) for about an hour and a half!

Okay, so that doesn't sound like much, but I feel so much better. Yay! Bounce bounce wigle jiggle preggo lady happy waddle!

My mom came and took my dad and dd to the science center (we have a really great sci center here) and although there were three schools visiting the center when they arrived, afer about 45 minutes they all left and dd essentialy had the whole toddler section to herself. My mom said she had a blast! And I slept! Huzzah!
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Just a quick update--

No real contractions yet, just some sharp jabbing in my cervix and achiness in my tummy. I'm only about 60% percent effaced and about 1cm dialated. The initial amnio-swab turned out negative, but then I got up and gushed on the bathroom floor again ( ) and I rubbed the extra swab into it and it was positve. Yay! I knew I wasn't just peeing my pants...

My sweet, endearing husband is driving me nuts. He thinks I should be spending all of my time either lying or sitting down and he makes a fuss when I get up to go downstairs for something. I think I'm going to have to call our midwife again and ask her to explain to him that I'm not on bedrest

Congrats on the nap, Wombatclay!
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oh marvelleux. i'm so excited for you. i keep coming back to mdc to check on this thread. good luck! i can't wait to "meet" your little one and hear your birth story.
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Marvelleaux, whoo hoo!!!! More babies!!! Best wishes to you for a smooth and happy birthing.
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Marvelleux - definitely do whatever fun stuff you want to do! With our first, we were so excited and I just kind of sat down and waited, and waited, and waited....it made for a very long wait! With our second, I just kept on with my day and it went much faster. Do something you really enjoy and won't have time to do for a while after the baby is born.
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I can't believe that our third DDC baby is coming already! Pretty soon we're gonna be like the May DDC with birth announcements popping up left and right. I'm so excited to get to hear everyone's stories and see all the beautiful new babes. :
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Is anyone else dealing with increased diziness? I've always had a little dizziness because of low blood pressure but lately the diziness is getting worse. Today in the supermarket I got so dizzy that I had to stop and almost sat right down on the floor. I really felt like I was going to pass out. I just didn't want everyone to freak out like I was in labor or something. I ate a Luna bar and drank some water and kept on going. I was also sweating like crazy when it happened.

Does anyone else deal with this? How do you handle it?
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I've been dealing with a lot of light headedness and dizziness, but I figured it was a combination of the PIH blood pressure thing and the inner ear wonkiness caused by this cold/congestion.

Do you have any blood sugar problems? I'm hypoglycemic and I know that if my blood sugar is off I do get dizzy and a bit woozy. Did eating/drinking/putting your feet up for a moment help?
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Okay, so this is silly, but...

Is anyone else reminded of "Alien" here? It's probably just that my abs were a lot more sturdy last time round (I have a huge diastasis this time and almost none last time) but the past few days Roro has been putting on a real show. She'll start wiggling and rolling around and you can literally watch my belly move all over the place from across the room!

She has "pushed" dd off my lap (I can feel Roro bracing her feet and pushing and prodding at dd when dd nurses) and DH can watch my shirt moving up and down and back and forth when he's on the couch and I'm in the armchair (across the room).

I really don't remember being able to "watch" dd move around during the last pregnancy...I mean, I could feel it, and DH could feel it, and at the very end there were lumps or bumps that would appear and sometimes "drift" across my belly. But they were small and not that common. This time though it's like my belly is a blanket with a couple of kittens having an all out battle underneath!

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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Okay, so this is silly, but...

Is anyone else reminded of "Alien" here?

This is all I could think of with my first pregnancy.

I have a huge diastis this time too and have noticed the movements much more, as in they are more visible and I can definately feel them a TON more than I did with my ds.

On a different note, is anyone having any kind of anxiety or major nesting? I have been so anxious lately that I am going to go into labor and I am not quite ready yet. I am really anxious because my midwife and I have not been able to schedule a home visit yet and I REALLY want her to be able to know where she is going if it is in the middle of the night. Also I was walking around Target yesterday, and I got so worried that my water was going to break, I freaked myself out so much that I actually had to leave. This is actually affecting my sleep, I wish I could just relax.:
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Another filming of Alien over here. When this little boy gets going, look out. He can be downright painful at times, and easily visable across the room.

I'm am SOOO nesting and anxious right now. Over the last two days I've washed everything in the house that can fit into our washing machine. I got prefolds in the mail on Thursday and they've already gone through the washer twice. They're so nice and fluffy now! All the covers have been washed, all the clothes. My sheets, baby sheets, spare bed sheets, sheets I haven't even used in years (just to fill up a load). All of my summer clothing that I think I stand a chance of fitting, some of it that I know won't fit. It's a good thing I use well water or my bill would be through the roof. I'd be scrubbing everything too but I can't seem to get close enough to anything without the belly getting in the way.
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Yes! I am getting VERY anxious. My midwife has been out of town for the past two weeks - so I was so nervous that I would go into labor while she was gone. Luckily, she is back now. Now my anxiety has moved to my MIL. She will be here for the birth - well that is the plan. She arrives two days before my EDD, and I am just hoping this baby stays at least until then. I haven't had any signs to make me think I will be early, but you never know. Just living day by day in high anxiety.

On another note... Today my DH and DD had appointments to get a tetanus shot. My DD is not immunized, but I wanted her to get tetanus because she is outside all the time and there are rusty things all over the place. So when we got there, the nurse said that she couldn't give her the tetanus unless she did the DTaP. Well, I don't want her to have the DTaP. She said she could do Tetanus and Diptheria without the Pertussis only if I had a doctors note. Apparently they don't do tetanus alone. The more I think about it, the more I get pissed off about it. Why does a doctors note over rule me - THE MOM!!!! So, we left without DD getting the shot. Then they gave me TONS of papers on all the vacs - saying I better start vaccinating now because when my DD gets older it will be harder and more traumatizing for her. Whatever.... I am just really annoyed. Plus, if I did the DTaP you could pay by dontation, but if you did Td, you were charged something like $35.
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Brookibabe: That is BS! I remember being scratched up by a stray cat when I was younger and going in and getting just tetanus. I know they make a shot with just tetanus for this very reason. Do you know the history behind the whole "rusty nail/tetanus" legend? Tetanus is a disease mainly in horses and the theory is that if that rusty nail was once a nail that held up a barn where a tetanus infected horse lived, AND that tetanus infected horse transmitted the tetanus onto the nail the tetanus could then live for hundreds of years on that nail and be passed onto a human who's broken skin comes into contact with said nail. So it's not all rusty nails or rusty things in general, just rusty things that may carry tetanus from coming into contact with an infected animal.
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ack, i just got a call that one of my two midwives is leaving for another state on june 1st. i really hope this baby comes at 37 weeks now to ensure i won't end up with someone i've never even met at delivery....
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