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Positive OPK AFTER temp rise? (x-post in ttc)

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Hey Mamas,

I'm currently charting, and am planning to start ttc next month with frozen sperm. I've been charting my temps and mucous, and using an OPK twice a day. I'm getting worried because my OPK turns positive every month on the same day that my temp spikes and my mucous disappears- in other words, the OPK seems to be detecting my LH surge AFTER ovulation has already occured. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience, and if so, how you handled it. Unfortunately, my insurance won't pay for more specialized testing, so I'm trying to figure out how to best predict the right moment for insem with the info I've got. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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It could be that the time between the detected surge and ovulation is really short for you. Are you restricting your fluid intake? It could also be that your urine is too dilute until the highest point of the surge which is right before the egg is released. Until I started seriously restricting my fluid intake five hours before testing I would only get a faint line (not a positive) the day before and the day of ovulation.
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I would also look at other fertility signs and look for a general pattern. When I inseminated I looked at my mucus as a primary sign with everything. Also what brand of OPK are you using? I found the ones with the lines to be better at showing you when the surge was going to happen. The ones with the smiley faces (Clearblue Easy), told me I had ovulated too late.

Good luck!
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My OPKs were always positive after temp. rise and the egg white dried up. I think it's fairly common. If you are doing IUI, it shouldn't be a problem, I would still listen to the OPK (I did one IUI the day of the positive, and one the day after). If you are doing ICI, then it's probably more important to go by the egg white than the OPK. I had a 50% success rate (4 cycles of ttc, 2 pregnancies . . . 3 babies!), so I don't think getting a positive OPK after egg white means you won't be able to time things correctly.


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Thanks everyone, this is really helpful! This process makes you doubt yourself so much, you know? It's good to know that these aren't massive signs of something wrong. And since everything else looks good (mucuos, temps, etc.), I'm going to stay positive and look forward to ttc next month!
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No help from me, as far as temps go, but I noticed that my CM peaks, the next day it pretty much dries up, and I get a positive OPK, and I *think* I ovulate pretty soon after - the day aftre the positive OPK, no EWCM at all. This is based on charting general feelings, CM, cervical position/texture, etc, for a while, and doing OPKs the last two months, and then sitting this month out.

I don't temp, because it's useless for me, so no info there.

But, hey, if you just ovulated - we'll probably be cycle buddies next month. I'm doing insem # 2 with frozen sperm.
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So, you think you're ovulating a day or two after your mucus disappears? Okay, this is helpful... For some reason, I thought that my mucus should be sticking around until ovulation; was getting worried that it wasn't (I have EGCM until the day my OPK turns positive). And yes, I'm ovulating right about now, so I'll be inseminating in early June. Here's hoping we both have good news!
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