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My dd who is almost 12 months (11 1/2) has always been rocked, walked, or gone to sleep by me sleeping with her. She co-sleeps and has since birth. The problem lately has been that she bucks and wiggles and won't let me rock her or walk her to sleep. I follow her sleepy ques and when I start to try to get her to sleep she squirms like a mad woman. If I lay her on the bed or in her crib she will scream & cry until I come back. I don't always want or have time to lay down with her, especially during the day, but often at night too since she goes down at 7:00.

I don't let her cry it out. I did try it a few times before for 5 minutes, but she howls & screams and I believe she could outlast any minute rule.

Am I expecting too much to be able to lay her down and she will fall asleep on her own? How can I help her acive this? I know it's a lot to expect of a very young baby, but she's a year old! I'm really strugg;ling with this! I am exhausted trying to wrestle with her to get her to sleep.

What can I do?