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Name: Elaina
Age: 20
Location: Perry, Michigan
Husband/Partners name(age): Ryan (22)
Children's name(s)/age(s): Kristopher (2 1/2 months)
Due Date: 1/6/08
Hopeful for B/G: Either one girl would be nice but boy would be good to so i can use hand me downs
Homebirth or Hospital: Praying that it will go good enough this time around for a birth clinic.
CD or Sposies: Disposable
Favorite Food: anything chocolate
Least Favorite Chore: Doing any dishes at all
Favorite Color: Pink
Can you cross your eyes: Yes
What board do you lurk on but not post: None that I can think of
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Originally Posted by ovafertilberg View Post
Hi Mommy2Austin

NCB = natural child birth? That's a good question. I don't know. I would like to. I feel like I have a good raport with by OB and we have our first official pregnancy visit on 5/29, so this is something on my list to talk about.

I've read a lot about OB vs. midwife, hospital vs. birth center vs. homebirth, natural vs. intervened childbirth and I'm still on the fence about a lot of things. I'm hoping to get some opinions and different perspectives.

I think the important thing is that you get the experience that you want! If it's in the hospital with drugs and an OB that is perfectly ok! If it's at home without anyone there, thats fine too!
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Elaina- Welcome!! WHat kind of disposables do you use? I like to use them in an emergency, but all the ones I've used have leaked
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Name: Kellina
Age: 30
Location: DFW Texas
Husband/Partners name(age): Tommy (31)
Children's name(s)/age(s): Mariah-12, Alexxus-9, Jacob-8, Kaitlin-8, Kyler-6, Joshua-4
Due Date: 1/12/08
Hopeful for B/G: Thinking and Praying for PINK! Hubby wants a boy- Both of us just are praying for a HEALTHY little one!
Homebirth or Hospital: Probably hospital, insurance will not cover homebirth, too expensive to pay midwife out of pocket. Still trying to get homebirth.
CD or Sposies: Cloth with possibly some sposies
Favorite Food: Ribs! yummmy
Least Favorite Chore: Washing dishes
Favorite Color: White
Can you cross your eyes: no
What board do you lurk on but not post: ummmm...not too many
Addition Fun Facts: I love to read!
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Well Im strictly a Pampers person but somtimes durring weeks when money is tight Ill buy an off brand like walmart cheepies. Im kinda thinking of giving Cloth diapering a try but i still have some icky thoughts about it, I like being able to just throw out a poopy diaper rather than having to clean it. I guess im just lazy.
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Originally Posted by KingsDaughter76 View Post
Name: Kellina
Favorite Food: Ribs! yummmy
Good googlymoogly, now I want bbq!
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Name: Drew
Age: 29
Location: East Coast
Husband/Partners name(age): DH is 33 this year
Children's name(s)/age(s): this will be our first
Due Date: 1/10/08 by my calculations (Fertility Awareness Method, and very text book chart) and 1/12/08 by that stupid pregnancy wheel, although I am happy about the later due date as that will be my official due date and will at least give me two extra days before I'm "overdue" since my midwife absolutely won't birth at home beyond 14 days past the due date.
Hopeful for B/G: I want both so I don't care which comes first.
Homebirth or Hospital: Homebirth
CD or Sposies: cloth, with an eye for elimination communication -I will be with baby 24 hrs mostly so this shouldn't be too difficult.
Favorite Food: Over-medium egg heavily peppered and lightly salted in a mini whole wheat pita pocket with spreadable cheddar cheese. I eat this everyday for breakfast and sometimes look forward to eating it the next morning all day or all night long. I seriously crave it constantly.
Least Favorite Chore: mopping and vaccumming -they tie for worst.
Favorite Color: That beautiful shade of kelly (primary) green, I buy almost anything if it's in that color.
Can you cross your eyes: Not really, but I can flip my lower eyelids inside of my eyes (the opposite of when people flip their top lids out)
What board do you lurk on but not post: vax board. We really don't want to vax, but are conflicted.
Addition Fun Facts: I am a very crunchy girl, but very untypical crunchy as I am very into fashion and makeup and look like a typical high-maintence yuppy. I plan on wearing my 4" heels all through pregnancy. When Sara Jessica Parker was pregnant she was/is my pregnancy idol.
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Name: Sara
Age: 29
Location: Washington state---Seattle area
Husband/Partners name(age): Daniel (30)
Children's name(s)/age(s): Reid (25 months)
Due Date: 1/8/08
Hopeful for B/G: can't control it, so why worry?
Homebirth or Hospital: Homebirth this time. Freestanding birth center with my first.
CD or Sposies: Cloth---CPF to begin with, then I have a stash of larger little beetles & wool covers for later. I'm also thinking I might start EC with this one, which I didn't really do with my son. I started toddler EC, I guess, with him around 18 months.
Favorite Food: Butter. Sick, but true.
Least Favorite Chore: Sweeping.
Favorite Color: blue
Can you cross your eyes: yes
What board do you lurk on but not post: GD?
Additional Fun Facts: I'm a cartographer and have worked at home for the past 6 years, PT since my son was born. I recently stopped working completely, though, and will probably take a few years off until my youngest starts school.
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Name: Sandy
Age: 32
Location: SE Michigan
Husband/Partners name(age): W 30
Children's name(s)/age(s): Lily, almost 5, Devon 2 1/2
Due Date: 1/1/08
Hopeful for B/G: Another girl would be nice, but then another boy would be fun too
Homebirth or Hospital: Home
CD or Sposies: Cloth
Favorite Food: mushrooms and chocolate (not together)
Least Favorite Chore: folding whites
Favorite Color: moss green and pumpkin orange
Can you cross your eyes: yup
What board do you lurk on but not post: Personal Growth
Additional Fun Facts: I love to chop wood. I let Dh use the log splitter to break down the big logs. Then I prefer to chop it down further by hand. And, I used to be a good shot with a long bow.
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Aimee, my Dh is a firefighter too
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Originally Posted by lilylove View Post
Aimee, my Dh is a firefighter too
That's so cool! Is he a shifter? DH lucked out he's an inspector/investigator/ff but works a M-F 8-5 shift. Actually I should say, I've lucked out. He was shift for a while and man...too hard on this momma!
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He's actually a volunteer/paid on call. He pulls one overnight shift a week plus being on call. He's in medic school now. He hopes to become a full timer once he gets his medic license. The job market for full time positions is REALLY competitive here, though
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Name: Rachel
Age: 35
Location: Portland
Partners age: 35
Children's name(s)/age(s): Hazel (3)
Due Date: The wheel says 1/5, but my calculations say 1/2 - the wheel was closer to right with dd, so we'll see...
Hopeful for B/G: i'll take either happily
Homebirth or Hospital: Probably hospital
CD or Sposies: We'll probably repeat what we did with dd - cloth diaper service for first year or so, then disposables
Favorite Food: since morning sickness has hit: fresh fruit and meat
Least Favorite Chore: mopping
Favorite Color: brown
Can you cross your eyes: I don't want them to get stuck like that!
What board do you lurk on but not post: sometimes I randomly look in on different threads, but nothing consistently.
Additional Fun Facts: I like to have several different projects going at one time.
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Name: Hana
Age: 28
Location: western MA
Husband/Partners name(age): Will (31)
Children's name(s)/age(s): First human child. I already have one canine and five feline offspring. At one point we had four serpentine kids too.
Due Date: My midwife told me 1.7.08 this morning, but I think she miscalculated. My LMP was 3.30 and I'm estimating 1.4.08.
Hopeful for B/G: I've always thought I'd have a girl first.
Homebirth or Hospital: Insurance won't cover homebirth, so we'll be going with a birthing center attached to a hospital.
CD or Sposies: Not sure - still discussing. Leaning toward CD.
Favorite Food: I LOVE sushi but am staying away from raw fish for the time being. Everything tastes funky right now anyway....
Least Favorite Chore: Cleaning the bathtub. I think it's the most awkward task ever.
Favorite Color: blue
Can you cross your eyes: yup
What board do you lurk on but not post: Most of 'em! I'm still new.
Addition Fun Facts: Finished my master's last June and work in college administration, DH is an ex-punk rock skater turned molecular bio PhD candidate. In my free time, I co-write scripts with my younger brother.
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Name: Tashauna
Age: 23
Location: North Texas
Husband/Partners name(age): Will (25)
Children's name(s)/age(s): 2 SS Aidan (4) and Keagan (2)
Due Date: 1/11/08
Hopeful for B/G: Thinking and Praying for PINK....actually...thinking 2
Homebirth or Hospital: hospital, but no intervention, and no meds
CD or Sposies: CLOTH!
Favorite Food: Mexican right now
Least Favorite Chore: Cat Litter....good thing I get the next 9 months off!!
Favorite Color: Purple
Can you cross your eyes: Yep!
What board do you lurk on but not post: n/a
Addition Fun Facts: I have OCD BAD!!! I can't sleep if a picture is hanging crooked on the wall
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Kellina- What a beautifully big family!! DH wants a big family like that and I'm all for it if we can afford it! Whats it like with all those people under one roof?
Ribs sound delicious right now!

Elaina- I like cloth diapers when I have my own washer and dryer, but right now we have to pay for laundry and it's just too much work to do it by hand. I think the easiest way to CD for me would be all pocket diapers! Check out the diapering boards if you wanna ask questions!!

Drew- Ahhh the east coast how I miss the! I'm a FL girl born and raised. We don't vax, and it was actually pretty easy for us to decide that because we don't like the idea of injecting a "dead" virus into our healthy child. Hope you guys can come to a happy decision!

Sara- A Cartographer does maps right? Or am I completely off?

Sandy- Oooo sauteed mushrooms sounds soo good right now....

Rachel- Hope your m/s gets better!!

Hana- COngrats on your first human baby We had a fur baby before DS1 was born, but do to some living circumstances had to give her away. I still miss my Tiny girl. Ahh the bathroom. It was terrible trying to scrub the bathtub at the end of my last pregnancy. It would take me all day, because I had to scrub in shifts!

Tashauna- Love your name!! Are you thinking twins? I'm worried, because they run in my family! I think it would be fun to have two And don't worry about your pictures we can all pitch in and get you one of those level laser things that will show you if everythings level!
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Name: Jenni
Age: 26
Location: southwest Indiana
partner: Brian
Children's name(s)/age(s): H- 8, S- 6, J-4, and R - 22 months
Due Date: around Jan 8th.. my cycles have been sort of irratic..so we will see
Homebirth or Hospital: unsure.. have done hospital (unmedicated,natural) and home (UC) and have had okay experiences each way
CD or Sposies: mostly disposable but occasionally cloth
Favorite Food: I love all food..((sigh)))
Least Favorite Chore: bathing the children...it is time consuming and I hate leaning over the tub
Favorite Color: blue
Can you cross your eyes: yup
What board do you lurk on but not post: Most of 'em!
Addition Fun Facts: Uhhhhh..
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Name: Allison
Age: 28
Location: Arizona
Husband/Partners name(age): Reny (40)
Children's name(s)/age(s): Trevor (4) Riley (23 months), stepdaughter age 14
Due Date: 1/12/08
Hopeful for B/G: Would LOVE to have a girl since this is our last! But will love a boy just as much.
Homebirth or Hospital: Trying for our first homebirth! DH isn't crazy about the idea, but hopefully he'll come around.
CD or Sposies: cloth
Favorite Food: pizza! And right now, chocolate covered frozen bananas! Mmmmmm
Least Favorite Chore: Dusting!
Favorite Color: Purple
Can you cross your eyes: yes
What board do you lurk on but not post: Finding Your Tribe (ok, I've posted there, but mostly just lurk)
Addition Fun Facts: I'm a black belt in Taekwondo and love to knit! I'm currently obsessed with knitting wool soakers!
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Jenni- Another beautifully large family!! I also hate bending over the tub for bath time, but DS is just soo funny in there I can't help but enjoy it!

Allison- Ooooo Choco-covered frozen bananas sounds TDF! I like to knit too, I'm just not very good at it.
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Name: Alex
Age: 29
Location: North of Tacoma
Husband/Partners name(age): Christian (27)
Children's name(s)/age(s): This is our first!
Due Date: 1/6/08
Hopeful for B/G: Would be thrilled with either.. been dreaming of a girl
Homebirth or Hospital: Neither. Birth Center
CD or Sposies: Cloth and EC
Favorite Food: Right now, chicken tacos with red onions
Least Favorite Chore: Laundry and dishes
Favorite Color: Pink
Can you cross your eyes: Yep!
What board do you lurk on but not post: My local tribe
Addition Fun Facts: Im a professional pregnant woman (and Id eat bon bons if I wasnt lactose intolerant).. I have high hopes for hypnobabies and pain free NCB.
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