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i have been doing the tupler technique exercises for amost 2 weeks now. i am very commited and determined to get rid of my diastsis.  my problem is that when i do the exercises i always get lightheaded and its hard for me to do them especially one after another.  i even really concentrate on breathing but i still get light headed.  does this happen to anyone else?  am i doing something wrong???s for

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I heard counting out loud can help make sure you aren't holding breath. I'm trying to do it when I remember but 1 yr pp and I still have 2 finger gap...and it pouches out below my ribs at rest. I'm sick of it...but it's hard to be consistent. Do I have to be seated or can I do it laying in bed?

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I'm just getting started using the Tupler Technique, too. (Youngest is 2.5 years.) I get a little out of breath, too. I have stopped in the middle of a set of 100 to do a belly breath or two. On the diastatis rehab FAQ page, she says to be sure you're counting out loud because that makes you breathe right or to slow down. I'm afraid I really haven't been counting out loud; maybe I should try it! 

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Hey everyone I just came across this thread. Does anyone know the differences between the be fit mom program versus the tupler technique? Does one work better than the other for the diastasis recti? I'm 6 months pp and really wanting to close the gap before I ttc again ...

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I would like to join you. Would like to know the 1st set of exercise as well.

BTW, I just delivered my 1st boy in July.... I am trying my best am not able to lose any of the flabs from my tummy and hips area.... 

its been more than 4 months and I still look 6 months pregnant .


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My son is 9 mo and I also look pregnant, despite having lost all the pregnancy weight and more. I had diastasis after the second and it got wider after the third. I started and stopped the Tupler technique so many times... I can't seem to be able to follow through, there are so many repetitions. But I'm trying to get myself motivated again. The first time I started I did it right for 2 wks and I could feel a difference in my core, the separation didn't change then, but my muscles were definitely stronger. 

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I'm so glad I found this! My Chiro just recommended a local lady who holds classes based on the Tupler method, but I was sure I could find out how to do it with out spending $100's on classes. Right now I had a two finger gap and lower back pain. I'll post again when I see results!

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Anyone have any updates to share? Did the tupler technique or the befit exercises help you? I've had 3 kids, youngest will be 3 in September, and have a diastisis of 2 finger widths at my belly button and 1 finger width above. I am now pregnant with number 4. I would really like to get rid of my mummy tummy afterwards.

I actually have a waist cincher, it was in a bag of maternity clothes someone gave me during my last pregnancy (she'd had a c section, so maybe that's why). I wish I'd used it. Oh well, I will use it now. I'm trying to wear it while at home and to do some of the tupler exercises, though not as many as she suggests.
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I just took a look at the befit website and realized this was what I was doing back in January, right before I got pregnant. I did feel like after doing it sporadically for a few weeks that it was helping.
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bump.gif I would love to hear updates as well. 

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I just started doing the program yesterday, but does anyone know if you are supposed to do all the sets consecutively or space them out during the day.  For example, in the morning for week 1 do I do 2 sets of 100 back to back, or can I do one set and then wait an hour and do the other set?

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I just came across this while searching for the Tupler Technique.

She says to start off spacing the exercises out throughout the day because the muscles become fatigued when you do too many at once and you don't end up doing them properly. Once you have been doing them a while and they are stronger you can do more at one time.

My boy is almost 4 now and I have a three finger separation at my belly button.  I've started this program me before and given up because it just takes up so much time.

I have a belly bandit but she says that they don't work the same because they are too wide and cover your ribs and your hips. I  don't know if i want to shell out $50 on her specific splint though.

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I have just bought the whole Tuppler technique package online (should come in the post tomorrow!) - dvd, book, 2 splints, dyna band. I'm really excited to get my diastasis sorted and do something about my mummy tummy - I have a 2cm gap at my belly button and 1cm 3inch above and below. I had an 11lb 8oz bub the second time around so it really reaped havoc on my poor body. I feel really cross that they didn't check me for diastasis and suggest a splint straight after birth, especially with such a big baby! It just seems like something there is little known about.
Anyway i'll hopefully post some updates of how i'm doing with the program!
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I would love to have some mamas to do this with! I bought the video and splint after #3 and here I am after #4, finally ready to get serious. Anybody super committed want to support each other?

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Hi I just started doing this yesterday and would love having some support and people to bounce things off of!
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Im in. Im not sure how much I can since i am pg, but I've got to do something. I have a 2 finger separation most of the way down.
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Hi again! So i am now on week 4 of the program and i absolutely love it and its totally working - i have heaps more muscle, my gap has closed quite a bit (from 2.5 fingers in the middle to more like 1.5) and become a lot shallower and i have more shape to my body - like more hourglass going on rather than just straight up and down. I have been wearing the splint almost 24/7 and i do think its great but definitely not so comfy to sleep in. I took it off for a few nights this week as both of my babies have been sleeping terribly and waking every hour or so and i just couldn't bare any other sleep disruptions! I did feel a bit guilty not wearing it ;) so hopefully ill be good this week! So this week i am starting the double splinting and the head-lifts and I'm actually excited!

I sometimes find it hard to fit the exercises in throughout the day and i know it'll get more tricky with the next stage so fingers crossed. I have been doing them in the car if i have to and sometimes have to do a bit of a catch up but have managed to do all the reps so far. I have also realised that i just  don't end of doing the evening reps if i leave it til after dinner so i think doing them before is def the way to go for me. I do think the package was worth it too - splint, guidebook, dvd and dynaband (which i can start using with the workout after week 6). I also bought a second splint so i can wash one and wear one as we are in summer over here and it does get pretty sweaty!

Anyway, that's me for now :)

I would love to know how everyone else is going!!??

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That's awesome!  Love to hear that you are having good results, it gives me hope!

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