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do you make your bed every morning?

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we usually don't. I mean, I"m just going to get back in it in a few hours!

but lately I have decided to try to keep the house looking decent and have started making the bed. Just wonder what the norm is around here
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Yes, I make my bed everyday. I like looking at it during the day and I like climbing into a made bed at night. My boys never make their beds, but they dont use top sheets (well, one does), and they have down comforters with duvets so they sort of look made

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No cause dh works nights so somebody is always sleeping in the bed it seems.
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yep,I feel like i am all over the place if i don't make it first thing.I like to get into a made bed at night too.Dh sometimes messes with kids,like hide and seek etc,after i make it and woe betide him if he doesn't put it back like he found it.: I am a bit strange like that!:
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I make mine every day, but it's because I like the way it looks. It gives me a sense of order I think. I also like the way it feels to crawl into a bed that is "ready" at night. I often fold laundry on my bed too, so I get pretty annoyed with myself when I hike up the stairs with a load real fast (so it won't wrinkle), only to find the bed a mess!
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Yep, I make our bed every day. Usually in the afternoon, though. In the morning I am running the dishwasher, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc. Our bedroom is right off the living room and I like to keep the door open for air circulation.
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We sleep on a futon, and put it up into a couch most days. If it gets to about 2PM and I haven't got around to doing it for whatever reason, I just leave it out because it doesn't feel worth it at that point. The covers (we use duvets with removable covers instead of topsheets. I hate topsheets.) generally get shaken out at some point during the day, and then laid out semi-neatly when I get the bed out again.
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Hi All,

well, I make my bed everyday since I started doing the flylady system... I was in serious need of help and her system has been great.

I love the look of my made bed. I got myself a pretty bedspread with matching pillow shams and it makes the whole room brighter. With all the decluttering I have been doing my room is starting to look really nice.
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Yes. But in Phoenix, we only have a sheet and light blanket.

I have a daycare, and I can see my bed from the daycare room. So, parents can see it too, so I try to keep it nice.
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Nope, almost never. Our bedroom is upstairs ad I'm really not up there except sleeping and folding laundry... I have a home daycare and the kids can't go up there per licensing so there's only a few hours left in the day after that, plus there isn't a door btn DD's room and ours, you have to walk through hers to get to ours, so I can't be up there after she goes to bed mostly.

Our Exgf was obsesseive about having the bed made, but it just didn't make sense to me in our case, the next time I see it is generally when I get into it again, if it was on the main floor I would make it.
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Never. The bedroom is out of the way and the kids play on it or someone is always napping so what's the point. I get no joy out of it being made (although I love getting into a freshly made motel bed, how cool it is, probably because it is a rare treat, lol!)
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Yes. Our morning bed routine works like this:

On rising, pull back covers from bed and drape over footboard to allow bed to air. Plump pillows.

Before leaving house, make bed. We have just sheets and comforters on the bed, so it doesn't take long - less than 30 seconds. DDs 10 and 13 make their own each morning, I make mine.

It makes a huge difference to the appearance of the bedrooms. As we live in an apartment, rooms have to serve more than one purpose, and I would find it impossible to sit in a room with an unmade bed.
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Un made beds is a pet peeve of mine. That said, the kids beds don't always get made...ours does however. Something about a neat bed that adds peace to my life
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I rarely make the bed.

It used to be because I am totally lazy, plain and simple but since DS1 was diagnosed with a dust mite allergy I discovered that it is better to leave your bed unmade with the covers pulled back. Making the bed traps heat and moisture which dust mites love.

I love it when I discover an excuse for my laziness!
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The only time I make the bed is when not close people come over (people from work, new people, faraway relatives that we only see once in a blue moon, etc., not because I'm trying to impress them but because I feel like I'm exposing myself to them if it's unmade, lol), to me it is just the ultimate waste of time and I love the look of an inviting bed as opposed to one that's all closed up. The kiddums and I, and even friends and family when they come over, are constantly cuddling, reading, playing, hanging out in bed -it's a cozy, comfy place, and for me carefully arranging and straigtening it all up just screams 'off limits'.
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Rarely. Dh is usually still in it when I leave for work. Sometimes I make my half of the bed. The only time I really make the bed is when company is coming. The same with the kids, they make the bed when company is coming. Our mornings are so hectic I just don't see the point in it. Of course, this may also be a carry over rebellion from my mom making me make my bed.
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No. Definitely not. It's only made when the sheets are changed or when I'm folding laundry on it. (I like the nice, flat surface for organizing clean laundry)
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I go in cycles. Sometimes I do it sometimes I don't.
A lot depends on the rest of my house. When I'm in great housekeeping mode all of it gets done including my bed.
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everyday i make three beds...my dh's, the crib (ds sleeps there for naps) and "my" bed actually it should be called my ds bed! i know it's a weird sleeping arrangement don't ask...
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