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Left or right-handed baby?

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Jordy does everything with her left hand. Even if I deliberately put something into her right hand, she'll immediately switch it to her left hand. It made me think....does it mean she'll be left-handed? Any experience here, ladies?
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Natalie does the same thing...she even sucks her left thumb. I'm very curious to hear what others think...
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Off topic: Where in Ohio are you?
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Hey mags&jordy - yellow springs...and you? (ys is near dayton)

I pm'ed you too.
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At that age it doesn't mean anything. Both of my boys went through periods at that age where they would favor one hand over the other, then they would switch and favor the other. I don't get it. At about age two or three you can be pretty sure that the hand they are coloring with is the hand they will use, though they could still be ambidextrous (had to look that one up in the dictionary.) My oldest son is right handed, but kicks a ball with his left foot.

Anyway, my point being that you really won't be able to be sure for another couple years.
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I noticed my son favored his left hand through his first year, then it totally switched to his right all on its own. I made an effort to completely ignore it and let him decide for himself, even though inside I was a little excited about having another southpaw in the family. I'm glad I didn't try to influence him either way.
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Hi I'm new to these boards and had to reply. I'm a leftie - and I did the exact same thing. My mum purposely put things into my right hand and I very deliberately changed to my left before using them. I was about the same age as your DD too.

Only time will tell for sure. My husband is left handed too and we're currently watching our DD do most things with her left. (According to the stats, she has about a 46% chance of being left handed as both her mother and father are!)
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