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Video games good or bad

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Hello I am a newbie here. This is my first time posting a thread. I was wondering If I could get your point of view on video games for young children. What do you think?
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I, personally, am not a fan of video games. My brother and I grew up without any sort of video games, and I'm glad of it. Instead, we played outside - we swam, built treehouses, played tag w/all the neighbor kids, and even made up our own outside games! What did we do when it rained? We READ!! Or colored, or played w/Legos, or played dress-up, or listened to music, or played board games.

I think that video games (to make a HUGE generalization, here) are a big part of our society's obesity problem. It really doesn't help one's physical condition to just sit on the couch and stare at a television screen (I know I'm pretty much doing that as I type this : ). That argument aside, what about the mental aspect? If a kid is playing a video game, he/she is NOT reading or using his/her imagination, or even interacting with another human being. Plus, *I* happen to think they can be addictive (just like MDC ). DH has an X-box, and when he plays it, is not aware of his surroundings at all. Our puppy peed on his foot once, and he didn't even know until I said something. Also, when I do succeed in separating DH from his X-box, he is extremely grumpy and complains about it until he gets back in the flow of real life.

I just don't like video games, and think it's a pretty slippery slope. I'm hoping that by the time ds is old enough to want to play, dh will be bored enough w/his X-box that we can get rid of it, or at least put it away and only bring it out on very rare occasions. I don't want my children playing it. There are so many other fun (family or individual) activities that develop a child's mind. Why waste time and money on other stuff?

I realize this post may come across as being a bit harsh, and I don't mean it to, but I really feel strongly about this. When my kids are adults, if they choose to buy video games, that's their choice, and I'm fine with that, but I will never spend my money on them.

Just my two cents.
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We'll be allowing our son to play occasionally. There is new research that shows that they actually can have positive effects. As with anything, moderation is the key, imo.


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None in the house. Special family outtings to the arcade for an evening of fun once in awhile is our plan.
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Well, I go out in a limb here, I support video games. It helps them strategize and guess what I was good at strategic planning when I worked in product management. When I was young, we built tree houses, mudd pies, bike ridding, playing atari, intellivision, coleco visions and yep, I did it all. Instead of watching tv at night, I played with my dad. My children have the games too. I still play pacman and qbert. We haven't bought the cop banging games or blood gory games. We like the cute ones or the sports.
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well the reason I was considering it is because they spend so much time outside and it is so hot I am afraid of all the sun damge and I cannot think of any other way to coax them in. They love being outside and they are not tv fans and neither am I I never turn on the tv during the day and we do not have cable television. So I was thinking a few vg might get them in the house sometime. Now I am not so sure.
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I think video games in moderation are okay...I agree that they help children learn to strategize and think ahead....my son is 5 and really into dinosaurs so we got him this really cool Dino PC game and it was amazing how he put it in and figured out how to play it all by himself before I even had to read the directions and it is pretty difficult....however he has a limited amount of time to play it a day like 30 minutes and he can break it down however he wants.
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We love video games in our house, in fact my husband and I met online when he joined my Quake 2 clan 4 years ago. I currently play, and have been for 2 years, Dark Age of Camelot. My husband plays Planetside and various Xbox games. DD, who is 3, has her own computer, with various learning games such as Dr. Seuss, Pooh games, etc. She loves to do them and is quite good with the mouse.

Everything is fine in moderation. I don' t limit anything she does, she usually plays with a game for about 15 mins then wants to do something else.

I do make sure that hubby doesn't play any of his Xbox games while she is awake. Some are quite violent and nasty and she doesn't need to see them.
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