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Religious Patronage

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I'm a pagan, specifically a Celtic Pagan with strong Reconstructionist leanings (if you have any idea what that means). I've been feeling paranoid for the past few days and I decided to do a small ritual for the protection of my pregnancy and to find the baby's patron. I found out today that Lugh Lamhfada, the great skilled warrior who's festival is at the end of this summer, will be watching over my child (he also says it's a girl. We'll see). I feel so relieved now, and very emotional. My own patron is Brigid, and I've never done anything with Lugh. So, this is new ground for me, but I'm so excited to learn.

Sorry if this seems a bit off topic, but i had to tell someone about this, and since I haven't told any of my pagan friends about the pregnancy, you get to hear Thanks for bearing with me.
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Hey I just wanted to ask you if you have to have soneone else do a protecting ritual of if you can do it yourself? Im also a pagan, probably not practicing nearly as well as you are because I had very little idea of what you were talking about lol but after the issues I had with my son I wanted to do something to make sure things are going to be ok with this pregnancy.
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YOu can do your own protection rituals. I'm a member of ADF, so my liturgical style is very much ADF. For the ritual this afternoon, I lit my lamp for Brigid, my candles for the 3 kindreds, said some words. I then pulled out my copy of Ceisiwr Serith's "A Book of Pagan Prayer," said the prayer for finding a patron, and then meditated. In a few minutes I felt a male presence hug me from behind, and saw a male god. IN my head, I knew this was Lugh.

I then pulled two Ogham staves; the first was Ngetal, or Broom. I interpreted that as the work (pregnancy) being incomplete, and that now's the time to fix everything in my life to prepare for the baby. The other Ogham was Uir, or Heather. That interprets as a new life, a baby. I took this as an AMAZINGLY good omen.

For the record, I use Steve Blamires' book.
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Thanks so much now i have a base of at least what i should do. I wont dare say what books I usually go by since most people seem to not like her very much. Thank you again for the help.
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No problem. Good luck!
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