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We survived the First Birthday Bash!

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Whew! What a weekend! House cleaning top to bottom, food shopping, pick up birthday cake, party favors, balloons, decorations, etc. Prep food, set up tables and chairs, yard games, decorate, turn on grill, get baby dressed, nurse baby, and OMG - 27 people in our backyard (better than inside the house)!

It was sunny and in the 70s, nice game of wiffle ball down at the park, good food, friends, and a huge chorus of "Happy Birthday!" to my one year old! Did I mention I cried?

Lots of presents to open - nice wooden toys, blocks, tools, walker wagon, shape sorter, trike, some books, clothes (NO plastic!).

I'm still cleaning - laundry, dishes, wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, decorations...., but I'm also breathing. Did I have a good time yesterday? I forget....
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We had a similar event last weekend. I knew better than to have it at home with all the work we are doing on the house so we found another location. It was hectic getting set up but we really had a great time and dd got no plastic too! Wooden toys and books and some cute outfits!

A grand time was had and it really was fun. Can you believe they grow so fast!!

Congratulations on a party well done!
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A very Happy Birthday to your dd! It's fun to be one! Did you cry at all?
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And Happy Birthday to your little one too!

No, I didn't cry at the party. I have had plenty of mussy moments before and after. I think I was too wound up keeping up with everything to get all emotional at the party. It is bittersweet seeing them grow. MY dd is still very much a "baby" in that she is exclusively breastfed (Well, just this week we have tried some solids and she doesn't like them yet.) We co-sleep and we get lots of cuddle time. She is just now wanting to get down alot and explore and will wiggle out of arms to get down.

Love every minute of it! It goes fast!!!
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