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Is OxiClean a natural product?

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Are products like OxiClean considered natural? I've been wondering about this. What about Borax? I use both in my laundry because my laundry soap isn't quite doing the job since we switched to Eco-Products natural laundry soap. I actually like it very much except that I'm not getting the best stain removal with it. As far as getting the everyday dirt out it's great. I also use just baking soda as a booster sometimes.
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Oxygen bleach is made of sodium percarbonate & sodium carbonate. They are both naturally occuring compounds. So yes, they are natural, but they are not non-toxic. Some brands also add surfactants & anti-redepositing agents that make them less natural. This time I bought Clorox brand ( I can't believe I bought anything they make!) because it only lists sodium carbonate & percarbonate as ingredients. It was also a little cheaper than Oxyclean brand. Sun brand is at the dollar store, but it lists surfactants. BTW, Sodium carbonate is washing soda. Oxygen Bleach doesn't contain any phosphates, so it is much better for the environment than chlorine bleach.
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Thanks so much for the info! I appreciate it. I guess I'll just whatever I use sparingly! Sometimes the detergent just doesn't do the trick!
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Thank you for asking this question. I've seen others mention using it and wondered what it actually was I think my dh's work clothes could use some of this.
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I forgot to mention Borax. Borax is also a natural compound that is mined from the earth. It also can be toxic, but is natural. In some forms boric acid can be used to kill bugs like roaches & termites.
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