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Post-partum pooping

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Well, I feel the need to share this information... TMI but it's got to be said! I wish I could post it anonymously though! LOL

I just woke up with HORRIBLE pain in my lower abdomen. I had been sleeping on my stomach (aaaah, heavenly!) for almost three hours. I wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it or not, but it hurt SO bad. I couldn't tell if it was my uterus or muscles or what. I sat there for a while trying to see if it would go away but it didn't. I woke up my husband and told him what was happening, and to come with me to the bathroom. I was thinking if I was hemmoraghing (sp) or something, that I needed him there! I felt for my uterus, and it's still hard so I wasn't too worried. I was shaking with the pain, though.

Bleeding is still normal, so I went back to bed and lay there for a few minutes. He called the hospital to see what they thought. I was thinking the same things - some retained placenta perhaps, or an infection. Then she asked if I'd had a bowel movement since giving birth. Well, yeah, but probably not enough. As soon as the nurse said that, I could feel the pain more accurately and could tell that was what it was. My husband got me some tylenol and I started drinking tons of water and we massaged my belly for like 45 minutes. I've never ever ever had gas pain close to this!

I managed to burp a few times, but nothing was coming out down below. I finally got up the courage to go to the toilet and try to poop, because I felt like there just must be poop in the way of any gas coming out. So I did, and I pooped some and a lot of gas came out (and yes it was all quite stinky), and my belly gurgled loudly. I feel better now, but there's still tons of gas in there.

I gave birth on Wednesday, took some stool softeners on Sunday and pooped 2 times on Sunday but that's it. I've been trying to go, but not wanting to push very hard (or at all) because I haven't wanted to make the 'roids any worse. So now, this is what I get! Oh, I also ate pizza with cheese stuffed crust for two nights, I'm sure that is NOT helping. My husband said he has gas from it too.

So, learn from my mistake please and don't do this to yourselves!

I'm going to go back to sleep, any tips or ideas for things to try tomorrow? I'm thinking a warm shower on my belly would feel good.
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i would continue to take some stool softeners everyday until things become more normal. you might also try that activia yogurt - it worked really well for me in the early months of pregnancy when i had super constipation. and juice (like apple) always helps.

i discovered the hard way that you can get hemorrhoids even with a c-section - i just wish someone would have told me to go ahead and start taking stool softeners BEFORE surgery! major abdominal surgery plus pain meds makes for very difficult bowel movements!

i hope you are feeling better soon!
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oh man so not fun im sure. you could also try eating a few prunes every morning. they will help keep your pp iron stores up and make going to the bathroom worlds easier
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You cannot overdo the drinking of the water right now. I got very constipated after my son was born and I literally had to drink a gallon a day to not have hard hard poops.
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With ds I was so afraid to do this after he was born - fear of pain... I was taking some Emergen-C for energy and I doubled or tripled the packets into 1 glass of water and then drank a ton of water also. Apparently, when you're cells are saturated with vit C your stools soften (naturally) and above and beyond that point, well let's just say it was pain-free and I felt lots better within the hour. Remembering that for after this lil one.
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My son was born last Wed., too.

AW, that sounds miserable. I've been taking fiber tablets everyday and will keep it going until they're gone maybe. I was afraid to poop (stitches) and have been a tad constipated, but today I had a nice big soft one. AHHH! I've enjoyed a cup or two of coffee and wonder if that hasn't helped. :
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Perhaps something like a big glass of juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (like OJ) would make things move a bit? Lots of salad with olive oil on it?

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I hear you Emily

Callum was born the same day as henry and I was having abdominal pain from gas/not having enough bowel movements as well I took stool softeners drank many bottles of water (I don't think you can overdo it right now) and went for a walk around my yard finally on sunday I was able to go

I would eat something really fibrous like lots of plums, or cherries or prunes and water to keep things running smooth
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LOL, yeah, pooping after birth is NOT fun, nor is gas. I'm so sorry!

I'll be taking a stool softener right after birth; I started taking them the day I went home last time (so, 2 days after giving birth?) and it wasn't soon enough...pooping the first time or two was very painful, brought me to tears even! So this time I want to get a jump on it.

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You can wrap a girdle around your midsection. I know it sounds weird, but because the muscle tone is completely shot for a few weeks, having something to offer some kind of counterpressure can really help for a while, both with intestinal stuff and with lung/diaphragm stuff (some women get the hiccups incessantly postpartum). Also, if you have a sitz bath, the little tub that sits on the toilet, you can fill w/ warm water (or sitz bath) and try to eliminate into that. Sometimes the warm water helps to relax and let go. And it's much easier to clean up than the bathtub .
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I too have had a harder time, I gave birth 8 days ago. I have found date squares and bran muffins to be very helpful. I hope that you get some relief soon!
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