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all night and now nothing!

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i was getting pretty excited because i kept waking up all night to what seemed like mild contractions. in the pit of my stomach, kinda hurt, regular, probably about 12 minutes apart. nothing so bad that i wasn't still getting some sleep. i was getting my hopes up seeming as this is day #6 past my EDD. around 5am i couldn't sleep anymore so i got up. and then around 6, they stopped :

what do you guys think?

also, at what point do you decide to keep dh/dp home from work? since last pregnancy was a c-section, we have never done any of this. at the least, starting today, dh is taking the car to work. he normally walks, but it's about a 45 minute walk, so i am feeling like i want him a little more readily available.
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The same thing has happened to me! I was up at 1:30am with contractions. It felt like a wave of really bad menstrual cramps. They are coming at irregular intervals... sometimes about 9 minutes apart and then one will be 12+ minutes apart.

I decided to send DH to work, but I have no idea when I should get him (if this is the real deal). I figure I will just know... like when they are coming very regularily and are closer together. My DH's work is about a 30 minute drive away.

Anyways I would be interested in what other people have to say as well!
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i think you will probably know before its too late. That said, go with your gut and dont second guess it, usually your first guess is right.
My DH works over an hour away and that is on a good traffic day.
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Count me in. Well, I'm not having "nothing", but the excitement had died down as the contractions have spaced out and become less intense. I know labor is right around the corner. I think I need a swim and a nap. . .or some coffee a tylenol and more nesting. . .hmmm decisions decisions.

I am not too worried about calling my DH though. I will wait until things are and stay regular and show increasing intensity maybe with some mucus (haven't had any yet). . .but I wouldn't be heartbroken if he missed the birth so I might be a bit more likely to err on the side of calling too late than calling too early.
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so, you think it might mean that labor is around the corner for me? i have had a few contractions since 6am - but only a few. and, i am sure there is muscle tightening with it (although i can't specifically feel it) because i can feel the contraction coming.

argh - i was going to take a nice walk with ds, but left the stroller in the trunk of the car (which dh took to work).

i really just don't want to call dh home too early - he just started this job on april 1 and his boss is great and will let him come whenever needed, but i don't want him to come home unnecessarily or use any more vacation time than needed on labor and not after the baby is born.
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I wouldn't call him until you really know you are in labor, and that will be unmistakeable.
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I sent my dh to work even after my water broke he is a good hour away but like you we didn't want to use any of his available time off (only 5days) on pre labor. in the end my water was ruptured for over 24 hours before labor started so it was a good call.
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If he's only 45 minutes away, or less, then call him only when you are REALLY sure. I highly doubt the baby will fall out of you quicker than that!

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