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Cyclothymic (mild bipolar) Support?

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I realized long ago that I go through mood swings, not as depressed as when I was diagnosed with clinical depression, but down, don't feel like doing anything, tend to zone and veg out, shirk work and household chores, etc. - I don't want to go out and see people, I make excuses to avoid going out, ec. Then sometimes I'm all go go and I start all these projects and I'm excited about things and want to make friends, etc. Unfortunately, its hard to make friends when you are so erratic, sometimes wanting to go out and other times withdrawing. The ups are not so far up that its a problem, I mean, sometimes I buy things I don't need or sign up for more than I can handle or start projects I don't have time for, but the ups are not really causing significant issues, its the downswing that are trouble, I go for days or weeks of no energy and the house falls into disaster, etc. When I worked, I know I did good work, generally the biggest complaint all my bosses had was that I was inconsistent, it all follows the pattern.

So, I know they have a classification for this called Cyclothymic disorder. It makes sense, I have these mood swings, but I'm not seriously depressed and I've never been truly manic (detached from reality), but the mood swings are affecting me negatively.

I'm wondering if anyone else has this? Here is a little more info: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/e...cle/001550.htm

We are trying to get pregnant again, so I don't want to take any drugs, I might consider something after I'm done breastfeeding hte next one, which will be our last, but I'm trying to figure out how to even my life out in the meantime. Our current situation doesn't allow me to go to psychotherapy (DH works so far away, he can't watch the kids, we can't afford to place DS in childcare that frequently and I don't have anyone else I can ask to do that on a regular basis). Not to mention I've found that its hard to find a good counselor for a mild disorder, the ones I've had either make me feel like I don't have a problem or blow the ones I have out of proportion.

Anyway, anyone else struggling with this?
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My doctor has questioned this with me. I'll look at the link and be back after.
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oh whew!

Hey, it's such a relief to hear someone else's story told in such a similar way to my own. I have a 2 yr old and just find we're one day on, two days off, a week on, a week off, totally unpredictable. I'm becoming more okay with it, but I'm a bit concerned that ds is going to be all over the show as well. I'm not liking routines, and we just wake up every day going "what do I have energy/desire to do today?" sometimes it takes me a couple of hours to decide what we're going to do. I was told I had Bipolar, when actually, it's milder like cyclothymia- still disruptive though, isn't it? Social life? I could take it or leave it. Low maintenance friendships seem to be the way to go lately. I feel alone, but am pretty comfortable with my own company, so it's okay. I do feel guilty though, about not getting Andraeus out there to socialize. He's fine with other kids, and adults, so I don't know what I'm worried about. Maybe him picking up on my inconsistency and needing what I'm not giving him? I kiss him a lot, and tell him I love him. It makes me feel better, but what I think I'm not doing enough of is daily initiating activites for us to do together. I just find I'm not all there, so we go to the beach and hang out, chat a bit, but it's not FULL ON head-to-head. It relieves the pressure I put on myself, and I can say "At least we're out in the fresh air-- I hope that makes up for my absence of mind"

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