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Constant BH Contrax?

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I went for a walk yesterday and since then I've been having BH contrax pretty much constantly. They weren't painful or anything except for the one that managed to squeeze an intestine full of gas, which woke me up, but everything triggers them - position changes, baby moving, thoughts. I'm staying really hydrated and am a bit tired as I'm not really sleeping much, but do you think there is any cause for concern? They're an annoyance more than anything else and I'm 37 weeks so "safe" for all intents and purposes.

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I think I've been getting constant BH contractions for at least two months now. I feel them all the time. Almost everytime I bend over, get up off the couch, pick up dd, etc. I don't see them being any cause for concern at all. I figure it's just my body gearing up and "working out" to be ready for the big day.
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I've been feeling them regularly since about 16 weeks but this is different. It's like my belly is consistently hard, like they are coming right on top of each other. They've been better today but in the evening they get really bad.

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I too have been having ones just like that for about 4 weeks now. I get really frustrated because I just know that means that they are JUST BH--since real contractions will be in a pattern versus NO pattern! But I have had days when I cant tell the difference between having these and just being normal---because it feels I am having them sooo much! My MW will say--your having a contraction aren’t you---and I will say "oh that....I have that all the time!"
I understand your pain sister---its quite frustrating and exhausting!!

We’ll just hang in there I guess…do we have any other options??:
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I'm in the same boat...yesterday midwife asked how many times a day I had contrx, and I was like, "Ha! I have them like every 7-10 minutes!" It's been that way off and on for a couple months.
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Yep same here! Its frustrating, yet good that our bodies are prepping!
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Hi everyone!
I used to be in the April ddc but my due date was off a month, we've found! It was strange because I was feeling a WHOLE BUNCH of these BH since the end of March and I thought for sure I was about to go into labor but nothing has happened. They're getting stronger at times and my baby has dropped down so there's a lot of pressure sometimes, but not much else going on.

it's really good to hear that you all have such similar things going on with your bodies. I thought I was the only one with constant, persistant BH for months!

I am "due" around today, so let's hope things pick up!
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