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alternative schools in ashville nc?

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hi Mothering moms (and dads), we are thinking about moving our family to asheville north carolina, and I hope there is someone out there who can tell me about the quality of elementary schools there. I have a 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son, and do not want to put them in regular public school. I went to waldorf school myself (in europe) and loved it. any information about schools, preschools and quality of life in general in asheville nc would be very helpful. isn't is a scary thing to move to a new place where you know nothing and nobody?
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Our family used to live in Asheville. My daughter was born there. It is a wonderful place. There are many alternative, interesting people living there. I suggest visiting the Broad Street Co-op in the downtain area. In the back room, they have a very full and lively bulletin board. Perhaps you will find something there of interest, or you could put up a flier of your own in regards to alternative education? ( Our own children were to young at the time for me to research the education possibilities, although I know of some people wanting to put together a Waldorf school there!).

There are many people involved in alternative education, so .. good luck!

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Asheville charter schools

Hi. We live in Asheville, and our DD will be starting at the ArtSpace Charter school next fall for Kindergarten. It's an experiential Arts Based Curriculum and we are so happy to have gotten in. We had to go through a lottery process as they limit class size to 15.

By the way DD was conceived in my old home Coconut Grove! I'd be happy to see another ex-Miami Mama in these mountains.

Here is a link to the Charter School org in North Carolina you can search off the main page, we are in Buncombe county by the way.


There are also Montessorri schools out there and the regular public schools aren't terrible.

Hope this helps a little.
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We live in Asheville, too, and dh is a teacher. He was offered a job at ArtSpace, but turned it down only because it was the first year and he has to be the bread winner so I can stay home with Joshua! But, it is a wonderful school! I am also on a comittee to work on opening a new montessori school for ages 2 - 12 in the Black Mountain area. There is also a WONDERFUL homeschooling network here! I steer clear of public schools, myself, but JMO. Feel free to e-mail me!

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Serenapt are you in the Black mountain area? Good place to live? We have to buy a house in the next year and we are not grooving on Alexander (where we are renting now) Black Mountain/Swannoah would be close to school and still no further away from DH's office downtown. I just haven't been on that side of town much.

I have a 20 month old DS as well would love a Montessori alternative in the next few years,

I'm sorry this a bit Off track.

also sorry Art Space can't afford to pay their teachers well yet. They are moving to their new facillity in the fall, and have had to open up extra Kindergarten classes because the demmand was so high, maybe your DH will find his way there eventually.
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wow its great to see others from asheville.
I am living in vermont and moving back to asheville
at the end of the month. My oldest son has also
been accepted to attend artspace this fall. I am also
interested in the evergreen charted school in asheville
because I hear its great and I know the director Maureen
and she is an awesome lady. We also looked at Rainbow
Mountain Childrens school, which sounds great but is quite
expensive for us. I also know some folks trying to put together
a waldorf school which sounds awesome.
Hey Evening Star, we should get together sometime with our
soon to be kintergardners!
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hi, sanna and evening star, thank you for your replies. hi, serenapt and lovinmama. it sounds like there are some schools worth checking out. we are still in the planning stage of moving, and will drive up for a camping holiday in the mountains this summer to investigate more. I am considering home schooling too, don't know much about it yet. is the homeschooling community in asheville very christian? I must say my anxiety about possibly moving (again) is alittle better since hearing from you. are you all up to your ears in snow? here it's 80 and muggy. OK my kids are climbing all over me, have to go.
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Hey! I can understand Alesander not growing on you - we looked in Leicester, but skipped on that idea to live in town! We don't live in Black Mountain, but I have several friends who do and it is a wonderful area. We take Kindermusik out there and the town is cute with lots of little shops to walk around and Lake Tomahawk is really nice. We actually bought a house in Oakley/East Asheville and like that area a lot.

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