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I got it.

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My period that is.

B is only 7 weeks old. He's constantly latched on. This just isn't fair.
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I'm sorry Gillian.
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Wow, that bites. I thought mine was back at around 6 weeks, but it turns out it was just some delayed postpartum bleeding or something 'cause it only lasted a day and never came back a month later. I was really POed thinking it was back, though...
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How frustrating!!!
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me too! At about 7 weeks, it happened with my dd at 6 weeks. I agree - not fair.
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meeetooo, momma.

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Me too - I had cramps Thursday and was in denial until today...
Happy Mother's day!
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joining the club. I ws getting cramps and spotted Friday, and really started Sat. I aagree Happy Mothers day. I am ust glad that two weeks ago when I had some what looked like fertile cm we went and got some condoms. Could you imagine babies that close together? It does mae me feel better that that is why I have been grouchy and irriatble. I am hoping it goes irregular, but then not, I would rather not keep thinking I am pregnant. And my dh won't be able to be snipped until July :cry
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ok mamas, now I'm worrying...I had all of that bleeding about 3 weeks ago and I was concerned it was a period but convinced myself otherwise...but now I'm having somewhat fertile-like CM...I hope I'm not joining the club! :
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I had one day of bleeding at 6 weeks PP after not bleeding for over 3 weeks. I am just going to assume it was a period and prevent. It totally sucks though since I didn't get my period back with my other two daughters until after 6 months PP.
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: Mine's back, too. He'll be 3 months old on Saturday. This sucks. It didn't come back until 15 months pp last time! What gives???

At least some good is coming out of it... DH is finally going to go get a vas now.
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