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OP, your situation is terrible. I agree with much of what has already been expressed regarding the abuse in your relationship, abuse of you and your children, etc....

One thing that was mentioned is that the child support that you are using to pay to support your husband and all of the dc, does belong to the dc of the father who is contributing, no? I mean, if your ex found out that he was paying your husband's bills and for him to be able to afford golf and big screen tvs, could he not then go to court to have the support order withdrawn or at least reduced? This other man is PAYING a complete stranger's bills! I cannot imagibne that he is agreeable to this.

Obviously there are more urgent matters at hand, but aren't you concerned that you'll lose the support from your ex if you don't do something to stop this? Can't you at least put that money away into some sort of account that prevents its being spent (until the children are certain ages), especially because you clearly wouldn't need it at all if your husband were contributing his share to the life you both agree to live (although obviously he's the one living it : )?

Please keep us posted.