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stomach flu?

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i had another hopeful moment this morning when i started having loose stools & nausea but now i'm thinking that i have a touch of the stomach flu....and it's freakin' me out! i had the worst GI virus of my adult life at the very, very beginning of my pregnancy before i even knew i was pregnant & it looks like i'm going to balance it all out with another crummy virus at the end. keep me in your thoughts as i wait this one out & pray it doesn't escalate.....
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Bummer, I hope you feel better soon. It *could* still be the onset of early labor or at least some kind of sign that things are moving along. We'll hope for that...
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I hope you feel better soon! Pam
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I kept a little journal with dd pg and it's been really helpful this time around to track different aspects of last and how it compares to this. I see that I 'cleaned out' two days in a row about 4-5 days before the blessed event. I remember, I sat on the jon in the am for about 20 minutes or so with nausea and sweats. I had to disrobe, I was so hot and then it was over. I had read it happens to make room for baby, so unless it's an all-day thing I'd say it's an excellent sign!

Good luck. I am anxiously awaiting more clean out, myself
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i wish this were a pre-labor sign but i'm not feeling optimistic. both my girls have had tummy aches & diarrhea for a few days & dd1 said she felt like throwing up last night. i still feel a little punk this morning and i fear i'm dehydrated. i've been drinking water like a crazy woman & my pee is still concentrated!? thankfully my parents are here for a few days & can help me out. my house is a disaster & i'm just dreading the possibility of going into labor. this is my first hb & i've had all these romantic visions of how it will play out....none of them include sickness & exhaustion.
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