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A scare

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I fell off my front steps today! I'm 37 weeks now, and somehow I managed to overstep when I was checking the mail. I lost my balance, but managed to rotate in the air so that I landed on my butt (only four steps down) and flattened the poor Amaryllis plant. Fortunately, I feel fine, but it's just scary that I could be so clumsy! Geez! There was a metal pipe sticking out of the ground (it used to hold up a plant) that my husband commented on later. We're going to pull it up, and I'm going to be extra careful. Just thought I'd share my silly story. Nothing like that happened in my first pregnancy!
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I totally fell on my face my first pregnancy on our babymoon (not the postbaby kind, the prebaby vacation kind) in Maryland. New shoes, tripped on brick sidewalk. Luckily I was ok, baby didn't even notice, and not too many people saw me.

When DS was very new I was trying to carry bucket carseat and groceries too and fell ONTOP OF THE CARSEAT OMG but again, DS barely noticed. I was a little hysterical.

This pregnancy I fell downthe stairs in our house. But I managed just to bounce down on my butt the whole way. AGAIN, baby didn't even notice. And at this point, I wasn't too freaked out. Lucky me, yes, but you see I'm a bit of a klutz.
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