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Giant Zit on My Face

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Can I blame this on pregnancy? It is the unpoppable type. It is on my cheek, and is so swollen that it looks like I have an inflamed tooth. I am going to attack it with a hot compress at home, but for now I have to walk around work with a planet hanging off the side of my face.
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HAHAHA!!! Sorry, I'm not laughing at you for having a zit....just the way you worded it all! I am very fortunate (so far) that my face has actually cleared up. I had been breaking out SO bad from the Clomid that I felt like I was 15 again! My face is clear now, and I pray that it stays that way!!!

I keep astringent in my car along with the little cleansing pads. My skin is very oily, so if I'm feeling greasy driving home or something I just clean my face and I feel so much better!! Plus, it's amazing how dirty your face gets!!!
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I say yes, blame that planet on the pregnancy. I have several small meteors working, where normally I have clear skin. This phase will not last.
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I had such very pretty skin during my first pregnancy (although I don't remember what it was like this early on), and now I look like the top of the moon. It's horrible, and nothing helps. *ack*
I'm taking this (and the other symptoms I didn't have with ds) to say I'm having a girl. Boys bring their mothers beauty, girls take it away.
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Mine broke out too. I thought initially that it was just a side effect of coming off of bc but apparently not. I don't remember having broken out at all with my first two (who were both girls).
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