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buying nursing gowns?

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I would really like at least one nursing gown or pj set for those first couple of weeks, but I'm having a hard time figuring out where to buy them at a good price. I know the maternity stores and specialty websites have them, but it's more than I'm looking to spend. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find something functional, comfortable and affordable?
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I got a few gowns and pj sets from Motherhood. They were a pretty good price, too. The only problem is that the elastic in the shorts is shot so I have to redo it before the next baby. Since nursing jammies tend to stain a bit, I would suggest that you not pay a bunch for them. I did pull mine out the other day, found a stain, and got it out with Dreft spray.
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I've had pretty good luck finding nursing gowns on eBay. Some new that were closeouts from Motherwear and Expressiva.
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I was recently introduced to this site: http://www.pajamagram.com/
I love that they carry maternity AND plus size maternity. The prices are steep, though. I'll be getting a pair this time because I'm actually attending an event where I have to wear PJs! So I need some nice ones to show off my belly rather than look silly with it!

What I have done for my previous two pregnancies/babies, though, is just to get regular night gowns or pajama tops with a v-neck and/or buttons. Then I unbutton and/or pull it out of the way to nurse. It has worked really well for about 4 years combined of nursing! Definitely cheaper, too. The henley-style tops are probably the most practical for this, but like I said, a nice v-neck works, too!

Hope this helps.
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all mine were hand-me-downs from my cousin and my sister n law. The women in my family keep a box of maternity clothes that we pass around and a box of nursing clothes. We add a few new things of our own to the box with every baby. My box of maternity is about to passed to a friend and after that who knows. We have quite the collection and a variety of sizes.

Anyway that doesn't help you any. lol. Motherhood has nursing gowns and I've seen a nursing gown in Target before, I believe. As pp said I wouldn't spend too much they tend to stain. With dd I got a few regular gowns that buttoned down at the top, you might want to do something like that instead of buying actual nursing gowns.
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I've always just worn tank tops or camisole-type nightshirts - they work great, and provide easy access!
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Thanks for all the suggestions, mamas! I've asked for one or 2 for a Mother's Day gift this year, so it looks like we might be going shopping this weekend.
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I like button down pajama tops the best. When you are in a hospital bed gowns can get twisted and bunched around you. Another consideration is that things will be quite messy the first few days after birth so it may not be the time to wear your expensive new nighties. Once you are home though be sure to wear them the first six weeks and no one will expect you to do a thing
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