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Married...in Canada????

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Ok, if this link doesnt work or if its a pain in the butt to register, check it out! It might actually happen soon. How do the rest of yhou in all girl couples feel about marraige? I would do it in a heartbeat. Just to be able to say that, yeah, Im married seems so huge for me.

yayyyyyyyyyyyy for Canada!!!!
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I'd marry my dp in a second. She's funny, beautiful and exciting. I don't think our state has a defense of marriage act so it's possible it would make good sense to do it.

Now if only there were a state that had 2d parent adoption with no residency requirement. That's where our desires are. (We live in a state with no 2d parent adoption. Hard to move because of work.)
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Wow, where we live 2nd parent adoptions were virtually outlawed because of some dumb a** case involving a lesbian custody issue. Thankfully, we are allowed to have step parent adoptions now. We're almost done with ours for our last kids.
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If I were involved with a women, I'd do it in a heartbeat! Three cheers for Canada!
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Im feeling pretty proud to be a Canadian right now! Its about darn time. I was coming on here to ask a question about how you mommys would answer an argument about its not right because the children will be made fun of. On a horsey mb this an argument someone made, and its really dumb imo, but I really suck at giving intelligent arguments. I hope Im not stepping on toes, but I would like to know what to say in response.
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Personally, I would tell this highly intelligent person that kids make fun of eachother for just about everything, having 2 mommies is just included in the list.
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Hey there, queer mamas! I don't usually get a chance to post here but today I'm going to, just to say:


I'm just so darned proud to be Canadian these days, us being merely the third country in the world to legalize and recognize gay marriage. My home province of BC just announced today that gay couples may go ahead and get married here, and I'm just tickled about it!

I'm so proud of us, and so happy to see one more barrier to equality broken down.

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Three cheers for Canada!

Hip hip hurray!
Hip hip hurray!
Hip hip hurray!
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some clever ordained-in-three-minutes-on-the-internet individual is going to make a killing offering dockside services to the cruiseship crowd. :-D i believe Temple Or Shalom in Vancouver has already stated they will begin offering appropriate marriage services for Jewish couples.

not only am i very proud we canadians did this, i'm very proud that the ensuing - and let's face it, inevitable - bickering has been both lowkey, less-than-completely insulting and, best of all, completely ignored.

some days you wake up and realize there is hope for the world.
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