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Unexpected UBAC

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Unexpected UBAC


Here is my story

PS, I was a surrogate..... IF's = Intended Father's

May 9th, 2007
I woke up just before 1am with what felt like baby hitting my in the cervix and pubic area. Of course I went back to sleep.
5 minutes later I woke up again with a contraction, you know the kind you KNOW are the real deal?
So I went downstairs and went pee and put a pad on just incase my water started to leak like last time. I got the shakes really bad, and was terribly cold. I went back upstairs and grabbed a new pair of undies and went back downstairs.
Funny, now all that seems pretty silly.
I decided to try a shower, I heard it would help with the contraction pains and since I did not have a bath tub, it was the next best thing.
It took a while for the shakes to go away but I finally warmed up.
It was about 1:3Oam when I had an uncontrollable urge to get a drink of water. I grabbed a towel and went to the kitchen and got a couple of glasses of water. Naturally, I spilt it all over the floor and with my wet feet, I really made a mess. I just hoped that no one would slip on that water.

I get back in the shower, I was leaning against one wall and it moved just enough to let the tension on the shower rod/curtain to go slack and that fell to the floor. I think I messed with it only a few times before I just tossed it aside. So that I was, completely naked, laboring in the shower at 1am all alone. I did have the heater on in the bathroom so I was warm still.
The contractions started coming faster together and were turning into those "pre-push" contractions. I knew there was no turning back. I had always envisioned a homebirth but I never thought it would be like this. Luckily I was pretty calm and knew this would all be okay.
I kept envisioning a peaceful birth and in my head I knew it would all be okay.
Once the urge to actually push started I got down on all 4s and I began calling for help. First I called for DH, then realized there was no way he could hear me so I called for DD (13) who's bedroom was just above the bathroom.
The urge to push washed over me completely. I just let my body react, I did not force a push. I put my fingers inside and could feel the baby coming through the cervix. It was amazing. I am pretty sure the bag of water did not break until baby crowned and his head popped through.
I was at peace between pushing urges, no more contractions hit me. I continued to call for help. It must have been only 5 minutes total before DD came down stairs. I told her to get dad ASAP!> Suddenly my knight in shining armor arrived,
He was so calm, I kept apologizing for everything. We talked about moving out to the living room. But All I managed was to turn around so my butt was not facing the wall. I was still on all 4s. He turned for a moment to talk to the 911 dispatcher whom needed directions to our house and suddenly baby's head was out! It all happened so fast but amazingly we were also so calm. I recall DH saying he was not breathing but I told him that was okay as long as he was connected to the placenta. I asked him if there was a cord wrapped around his neck, he said there felt like something there and I needed to push. I tried but there was no pushing urge to push with. I had to wait. It only took a few seconds.....and I did push! Baby fell on to the floor of the shower! But DH was there to scoop him up! DH jiggled him a bit and he started crying. We quickly wrapped him in a towel and I had to rearrange myself cause I was still on my hands and knees with baby and cord between my legs. What a sight that mush have been.
I got settled a bit in the shower now, with baby in my arms, on my tummy. I was bleeding a bit but nothing serious. At some point DH found a phone and called IF's. They had just arrived at 7pm by plane and I am sure, only had 2 hours of sleep before they got THE call. They arrived in 5 minutes. I was sorry they missed the birth and apologized to them profusely. They were just beaming but also looked a bit shell-shocked.

Just about then the Ambulance arrived. 2 of them as a matter of fact and 4 EMT's! I must have been a big project for this small town! Some how we fit me, baby 2 EMT's and DH and one of my IF' s in my small bathroom. The EMT's finished clamping and cut the cord. They then managed to get baby wrapped up in a new, clean blanket and handed him to *F*. Baby was a chubby one with the cutest squished up chubby face and dark hair. After baby was free, they put him in the ambulance with *F* and got me on a chair lift to get me down the stairs. I had only my towel, a few ambulance blankets and my shoes on as I left.
Once down the stairs I got onto a gurney and was wheeled (over a gravel driveway) and into the ambulance with the baby.
I finally delivered the placenta in the ambulance for the newbie EMT. Baby was behind me in *F*'s arms and was doing great. We got to the ER and were both all checked out. I did not tear one bit! And was feeling pretty good. I was eager to get up and moving but now I was in the hospital.........

Anyway, baby was sent to the nursery and *F * and *L* were walking on clouds. They got to spend tons of time with him. I finally was transported to the maternity ward and we got a nice private room. It took 10 hours for my OB to show up. But once he finally did, I was discharged right away.
Baby was doing well but came out fast and did not have time to get the "squeeze" in the birth canal so he had some extra fluid in his lungs. He was not on oxygen but still being monitored in the NICU/nursery. The IF's are both allowed to be there with him. We got all the birth paperwork taken care of and everyone was so very nice and helpful!

So, right now I am home, recovering And doing pretty well. I have some really awful after birth cramps and dealing with those on 5 broken hours of sleep. I honestly dont know how new parents can do it anymore. We surrogate's are so spoiled that we can go home and not worry about newborn care and our care.
My family was amazing! I honestly did not mean to deliver at home but like they say, "be careful what you wish for!" I labored and delivered in 1 hour, give or take.
I cannot believe I did it! The whole thing seems so surreal, like a dream or something that happened to someone else.

My IF's were given my room at the hospital so they can be close to baby while he is there.

born 2:00am
may 9th, 2007
10lbs 2oz
15in head
15in chest
22 inches long
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what an awesome story!
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Holy cow!! A 10lb baby just fell out of you!! That's amazing! Sounds like a fantastic, though whirlwind birth. What a wonderful thing you did for those fathers!

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too cool! WTG!!!
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Wow how exciting what a nice big baby
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absolutely amazing!!! you are a birthing machine!!
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Wow- what a great story, Mama! Glad you are doing well.
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wow what a great story, what a wounderful thing you did too for those 2 daddies
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Good Job!!!! Wow, be careful what you wish for indeed (secretly, I was wishing for that for you too )

I have to ask, if you don't mind. . .What are you going to do about your milk coming in?
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Wonderful! Congrats!!
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Wow, cool story, mama!!!
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what a gift you gave to those fathers!!!!!!!!

excellent story!
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Wow. How amazing. Great story. *1* hour!!! I thought my 5.5 hours was impressive.

Good job!
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Originally Posted by Synchro246 View Post
Good Job!!!! Wow, be careful what you wish for indeed (secretly, I was wishing for that for you too )

I have to ask, if you don't mind. . .What are you going to do about your milk coming in?

deal with it best i can. The NICU here does not accept donor milk and I am too far to ship it for a reasonable cost. My IF's prefer to bottle feed.
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Originally Posted by happyhippimama View Post
Wow. How amazing. Great story. *1* hour!!! I thought my 5.5 hours was impressive.

Good job!

5.5 IS impressive! I had a 5 hour labor and delivery with my 4th!
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that is an amazing story! and a 10 pound baby to boot! you are awesome!!
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wow, that's a great story! Good job
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way to go!! lucky dads they are!
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You are an amazing person to make a baby inside your body for them and then birth it in the shower in an hour! Wonder Woman for sure!!!
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What an awesome story and selfless gift to give a happy couple. Kudos mama!
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