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My daughter, the bad seed

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Well, 18mo dd uttered her first profanity yesterday... yup, the big one... the F-dash-dash-dash word. Impressive, though, in the fact that the emphasis was spot on and it was uttered in context. I'd dropped something and said, "oh shoot" and she piped in emphatically with the correction.

We were at a party last night and one of the guests went out occasionally to smoke. DD heard this and kept saying, "(s)moke, (s)moke." She then spend a good part of the evening trying to stick her straw in my beer.

Managed to keep from either laughing or dropping my jaw though... not that it was easy.

Can't wait to see what's next. :
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Wow! Very funny. DH and I keep on vowing to clean up our language....DS is only 10 months old, and isn't talking yet, but I just know we're going to get in big trouble when he does start talking. Although my younger sister started saying "F--- it, duck it" when she was a toddler out of the blue, and my parents didn't swear, so go figure!
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"F--- it, duck it"
Oh, too funny! I know that's going to be ds. dh and I both have potty mouths, though I'm trying to clean mine up. Doing pretty well except when driving, they just seem to escape then . . .
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Well, at least it wasn't her first word.
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My biggest problem is that my husband thinks it's funny to encourage her! SHe's been saying the f- word for a while, but it sounds like duck so we jus started using duck as the profanity and she's stopped doing it very often. Now every time he changes a poopy my dh says "can you say sh#$" And then she does. And he howls and I scowl. The other night he was having a martini and she wanted some, so he gave her a glass martini glass with water in it and taught her to say "cheers!" My husband the bad seed!
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My dd is only 11 months and already is a parrot. Granted, the words aren't precise, but the inflection and number of syllables are right on. I guess now is where I have to start watching my language. Darn it!
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Oh man! On a very difficult trip to see family last year, at the end of a very long day we dragged our luggage and butts into a hotel room and collapsed in a heap, trying to find the energy to go out and forage for food. Suddenly my daughter starts bouncing on the bed, chanting the F word... which in fairness I had use several times that day with particular emphasis. My poor husband was stunned.
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When my little sister was one-and-a-half, my mom was driving with her and my grandmother in the car (my mom's MIL). My mom backed out of the driveway without looking very carefully, and another driver honked at her loudly. My little sister asked, in all innocence, "Mommy, was that a f**king a**hole?" My mom just about died, and my grandmother has never let her (or anyone in our family) forget that story.


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My son's first word I wasn't too proud of was s--- , which I used to use alot and since I have stopped so has he. But my husband has yet to clean up his language and my son now can proclaim F*$# just like Daddy. In fact my dh the other night was mad and said is several times, so my ds chimed in with multiple F words said just like Daddy. He has since gotten better.
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that's how my ds#2 says truck! We try not to howl when he says "dump truck"

The funny thing is that my clueless/sheltered 8 year-old doesn't know why we're laughing...
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It's amazing how they pick up those words! My dd will be 3 in Sept and says "Damn It Gabe! You stupid mutt!" to our way-too-cute-but-not-getting-the-hang-of-potty-training Jack Russell puppy.
She will also say "dammnnnn" in a disappointed way, and tonight I bought a 6 pack of beer at the gas station and she says "Wow, you've got a lot of beer Mommy!"
She also says she can drink beer and smoke cigarettes when she gets bigger. (ugh!)
They are so funny!
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my sister says that whatever they've heard by 8 months is stored away in there somewhere, even if you never say it again it's gonna come out one day!

if that's the case I'm screwed!
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WELL -- my ds (almost 3) decided to get his daddy "beer" for Father's day. So I took him to choose some fancy imported beer, and then he insisted on "hiding" it under his bed. I lectured him about not touching it, and then finally agreed to let him hide it there.

Saturday night, Dh was changing him into pjs in his room, and ds pipes up in this sweet toddler voice,

"Daddy, don't look at the beer under my bed!"

Dh, momentarily forgetting that it was almost father's day, got this striken look of horror on his face, and said, "Isn't he a little young for me to have to worry about this???"
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I 'used' to have a bad potty mouth especially in the car, and would even throw a few gestures..When ds was about 2, I was driving and some car cut me off and all of a sudden I heard a little voice in the back seat "Look Mommy", and with that he held his hand up to the window with his index finger pointed up to the car that cut me off......fortunately my windows were tinted!! lol

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My ds (now almost 3) learned the f-word from dh in the car. For about 6 months, between the ages of 12 months and 18 months old, ds would drive around the driveway on his little ride-on car, shouting, "Vroom, beep beep, what the f---!" Every single time! And once when I accidentally served him pasta without the olive oil he likes, he exclaimed, "What the f- mom!" Grandma got a real kick out of that one! He out grew it, though, and now only uses it when in extreme physical pain!
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I have a different philosophy on swearing than many parents, I think... I'm not that worried about it, really, and I believe children can be taught how to swear appropriately (i.e. it's ok to say 's***' when you hurt yourself, not ok to tell someone to f*** off. Ok to say these words in front of some people, might upset other people). If you think about it, kids learn these rules whether or not we tell them these words are bad. Of course, I don't have a child old enough to really swear yet, so I might find I'm full of baloney.

But, recently my brother was playing the 'where's your nose, where's your eyes' game and said, "Where's your butt?" like he'd just said the worst word ever. I said, "Jackson can say 'ass' if he wants to - butt's not a bad word." Of course, out of his little mouth clear as day, "Ass!" He doesn't know what it means, but knows that adults find it hilarious, so he says it on a regular basis...
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My 3 year old has been known to say damn it what he's frustrated. He's heard me and my dh say it. At this point, I haven't made a big deal of it. Dh and I have decided that if we don't want him to say it, then we shouldn't say it.

If my ds name calls, that's a whole different ball game. I tell him it hurts feelings to name call and if he is so inclined to use those words (whatever he has come up with), then he can go into a room where noone is and try those words out on the air. We are not big on name calling in our house.
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I had a few good belly laughs reading this thread :LOL:LOL

when dd was first walking on her own (around 17 mo), we stopped to pick up some fall leaves. She crouched down, grabbed her leaf and as she stood up she grunted with effort and said "JEEEEEZUSSSS!"

She has come out with rhyme songs where she's been known to sing, loudly, "SUCKER F#$%ER DUCKER!" lol

All in all, we have done well with controlling our mouths. DH used to be the worst for the f-word. He used it as emphasis, in place of commas, periods and adjectives, and just to fill space in conversation : We have tried to replace our cussing with words that are satisfying to belt out, like SHOOKAROOTOOTUTIE!!! OH FOR THE LOVE OF HARV! Feng SHUIIIIII!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAH, CACKAROACH! Oh, POO! DANG DIDDLY!!!

One thing dd has picked up and perpetuated is CrappaDiddly. She has also said "THIS....IS....~*DAMN*~!!!!" when she's really fristrated with a toy or activity.

But then again, much more offensive than ANY cuss word, is dh teaching dd to aim her butt and toot on people They both think it's a riot. DH even does it to me, and dd has started it. She says (giggling) "Mama, I tooted on you!"
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I remember being spanked for saying "damn" and "oh my god." I think I will just laugh when my kids say those things! It seems to work a lot better for everyone!
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