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Pagan/Moon/Goddess Question

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Hi - I have been interested in the pagan path for a long time now, but really don't do anything - no altar, no rituals, just read here and there... I guess I've never been "into" specific rituals, chants, etc - just the way I am I guess, I don't know. Sort of half-arsed about the whole thing, really I guess I'm interested, but not enough to incorporate it into my daily life other than in a private way. I'm rambling...

Anyway, I am really drawn to the moon. I talk to her all the time, ask her for help with problems, tell her how much she means to me.... etc. Who are any Goddesses associated with the moon? What can I do to provide her with offerings or show her my appreciation? I guess worshiping the moon (for lack of a better term, 4 hours sleep here ) is my own private spiritual path. I just don't want to take without giving something back!

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It depends what your personal mythology is regarding the moon. Are you into the maiden, mother, crone archtype? Do you want a more historical basis for your practice vs a modern one? How important is astrology to you? Because you can incorporate the sign the moon is in to your worship. Are you attracted to a certain pantheon?

For a general search of world wide moon goddesses, I would use the search feature at www.pantheon.org as a start. If historical accuracy is important to you then I would double check anything I read online or in books with primary sources preferrably ones published by a University Press.

What I did with my dd to develop this was have her keep a moon journal. You could start at any phase, but it's important to work through the full cycle of all the moons phases. I had her start with just the full and dark moons (dark moon is marked New moon on most calendars). At the next cycle I had her add in the first and last quarters and finally had her do all 8 phases. She kept a record in her journal of her feelings and associations with each phase.

The beauty of this is you can develope your own mythology and assocations before being influenced by what other people think or have written in books.

As far as offerings, they are dependant on which deity it is.
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Funnily enough after a quick search on that link for "goddess of the moon" I thought, wonder what the Celtic goddess is - and lo and behold it is Arduinna!
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I am devoted to the Moon too!

How strongly I relate to speaking to Grandmother Moon and telling her what is in my heart and of my appreciation of her example for my life. I really support your already deeply meaningful worship of her.

The sincerity in your words as you wrote about your personal devotions, tells me you are already walking a beautifully simple, sacred path. Books can't give you what you already have.

(The word "moon" is a part of a sacred name given me, matter of fact.)

I am glad to find others who are deeply devoted to the Moon.

Hugs all around...Joyce in the mts.
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Your reply makes my heart sing!

I have a good friend that is studying midwifery - when she needs births she calls out to the moon and they come flooding in... that is so cool.

Do you give back to her in any way?
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I used to study with an elderly woman of Native American heritage who taught me a Moon song, so I offer that...it's kind of irresistible to me when I am inspired to sing it to Grandma Moon. The moon offers some unique teachings as she reflects the light of the Sun.

If you think about it, you can extrapolate alot from just that and act upon it in real life. I do my best to act as a reflection of light, since modeling behavior (example) is the best way to elicit desireable and positive responses in most daily encounters.

This is not to say that I don't fall short...I sure do, but I endeavor to fulfill this understanding for myself, as it was a gift from Grandmother Moon herself. She has mediated alot of difficult moments for me, by whispering about the choice to reflect the light gently, yet with strength. So the best giving back that I can do, is honoring and acting on the teaching with which I have been graced. And Grace, is one of her messages.

And there is always more...Joyce in the mts.
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