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Late night rant

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Ok, it's 1 am. I'm completely exhausted, but I can't sleep. Why can't I sleep, you ask? Well, it's because I need to pee every 15 minutes (I'll hold for awhile though) and my boobs have been throbbing all day.

I'm cranky, exhausted, hormonal, and an insomniac.

And I'm paranoid I'm going to lose the baby. Hell, part of me is paranoid that I'm not even pregnant. This is driving me nuts, and I"m gonna take another test tomorrow, just to make sure. But I am utterly miserable right now, and I want to kick my DH for snoring and groping me in his sleep (notice, I'm on the computer).

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I too have insomnia, and EXTREME irritability....so much so that if my cat doesn't shut up, and soon, I may lose it!!!!
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awwww hun im right here with you but im sitting here with a bucket for convience so I dont have to keep getting up, i think im just lazy but this little one wont let me sleep at all. And Im sure what your feeling is normal and all of those signs are good things so dont worry that your not pregnant. You sure sound pregnant to me
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Thanks Elaina. I know Im pregnant; just paranoid. I had a weird cycle this month, and wound up conceiving. Theoretically my period is due this weekend (very heavy bleeding at ovulation), so I'm a bit paranoid that this has all been in my head.
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Oh I dont think so hun, I had the same feeling with DS because I had some really crazy bleedin for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with him and things turned out ok for him.
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I can understand the paranoia... I felt it during my last pregnancy... first I insisted on a blood workup to prove I was pregnant... and then when I found out it was a boy I was convinced I heard wrong and that he was really a SHE. LOL

Now I have the typical "what if I'm really NOT pregnant" paranoia, but it's getting harder to ignore the symptoms.
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Hugs to you all. I hope for you all to get some relief soon. I felt like hell yesterday, but feel great (at least a whole lot better if not 100%) today. So, I'm sure you'll get at least a little respite soon.
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So I tested again this morning. Big surprise, it was !!!!!

It was also still amazingly faint, but my midwife says not to worry. The darkness of the line (to use less technical terms) depends on how concentrated the urine is. I drink a ton of water, all the time. 6 hours before i took the test, my urine was perfectly clear. So, yeah, it's always dilute.

The sad thing is, if I went ot the doctors and took a urine test there, they'd say it was negative. But there is undeniably a pink line, just faint. Thankfully I should be getting bloodwork done in 2 weeks when I go see an OB for the first time.

DH is telling his mom on Sunday. Maybe his dad too. I already let it slip out to one SIL (but don't tell him that) and another suspects.

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yay your knocked up, me too lol
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I love the phrase "knocked up." I'm somewhat crass, and definitely direct; 'knocked up' is perfect for that.

Once I'm obviously showing, I am so going to have DH take a picture of me barefoot and in the kitchen
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lol DH did that when I was pregnant with DS, He loves the idea of a girl pregnant and barefoot. Which for me was easy becasue if im not in flip flops Im completley barefoot even in winter when there is snow on the ground. For some reason I hate shoes.
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