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Do you think this is OK?

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Dh and I are going to a concert tonight and we were going to take 5 month old dd, but its raining. Instead we will be leaving her with my parents (she is Very Confortable with them and so are we). However I have only gotten 7 oz from the pump, though I am still trying. I bought some organic whole grain rice cereal and prunes that they can give her to keep her tummy full. She has had prunes once (I was at work, dh thought she was constipated for some reason and gave her 2 or 3 spoonfulls) and she was fine, so no allergy there. She seems so little to me. Does anyone think she is too young for solids? I dont plan on giving them to her on a regular basis, but she might want to eat them tonight. Thanks
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I think 5 months is too young for solids. The AAP recommends 6 months at the earliest. There are many reasons to delay solid foods. They need the nutrition in breast milk only at this age. My DD is 7.5 months and still isn't on any solids. How long are you going to be away? 7 ounces is a good deal of milk, don't most babies only take 6-8 at a feeding. Can't you just feed her right before you go and then she can have the EBM while you're gone?
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I disagree....

I have started all 3 of my girls on cereal at 4 months, fruit at 5 months and the rest of the food spectrum at 6 months. Granted the solids did not comprise a main part of their diet, but they enjoyed the new tastes and textures. We have NEVER had a problem with food allergies or a negative reaction. My dd is still nursing now at 12 months, so our nursing relationship wasn't compromised by the early introduction of solids.

I personally found that my girls were hungry prior to 6 months. I can't imagine having waited until then. I have always nursed on demand, and have had no problem with supply, but I just don't think that all babies are ok with a strictly liquid diet for the full 6 months.

Anyway, I would nurse her before you go. Leave the EBM for her, and tell your parents that if she finishes the milk and is still hungry that they can try the other stuff. It's not going to kill her.
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Goo started solids at 4 months old. Mostly, it is a case by case basis and the AAP recomendation is to prevent people from feeding their child solids exclusively.

I think for tonight, it would be fine. Most likely, she won't even need it, but for your sanity, it would be great to have a backup.

Enjoy the concert!
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I think you have to judge by whether your dd is ready for solids - can she swallow OK? or does she still have the tongue thrust reflex?

Also, make sure to tell your parents to give her only an ounce or two at a time in the bottle, not all 7 ounces at once. If she finishes what's in the bottle, great, if not, then she won't have backwashed saliva into the bottle that will begin breaking down the milk and making it go bad too quickly.

Seven ounces is a respectable quantity, she may not get through it all depending on how long you're gone!
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We started giving ds solids (rice cereal) at 5 months, but only because he was interested. But we didn't feed him solids regularly or even for hunger. He never really ate enough to satisfy hunger. His interest was one of learning "how this works" since he sees us do it all the time. We really only fed him solids every few days, as sort of an experimenting thing until about 6 months, and even we only fed them once a day. Not until he was around 9 months or so did we start more "regular" mealtimes, 2-3 per day, and now at 13 months he eats 3 per day. But right at the beginning, 5-6 months, he would actually get angry if he was hungry and I tried feeding him solid food. He didn't want it for hunger, just for play and learning.
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at 3 1/2 mo, my daughter was only taking about 2-3 oz every 2-2 1/2 hrs...sounds like 7 oz is plenty.
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I tried to wait until 6 mos with my son but I noticed that when I would eat he would stare at me and make chewing motions. I took this as a sign that he was ready. So I started him with rice cereal at 5 months. Next I gave him sweet potatoes, avocado, and bananas. He loved it. He actually lunged for the spoon while I was scooping the next bite. So I don't feel like he was too young at all. I would go with your instincts, if she seems to need it or not.
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all my girls showed a "readiness" and desire for solids at 4mos (started to lose tongue thrust, eagerly watched us eat, no problems w/choking, etc.) so i think it's fine. it's one night - she'll be okay
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I wouldn't give my 5 month old solids. I also wouldn't leave my baby for that long but we all have different comfort levels.

I still wouldn't give solids though. Is there any way you could leave the concert early or get there late?
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I think it's okay as long as you do! All that matters is what you and your DH think. I started my DD on rice cereal at 5 months. Like you said, it doesn't have to be an everyday thing, but for tonight, as long as you are comfortable with it, I think it is just fine. And I think that 7 oz is an awesome amount! I have trouble getting more than 4 oz out. LOL
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All I wanted to say is that frozen milk is a great way not to have to make those kinds of decisions! I always keep one bottle (7 to 8 ounces) of fresh in the fridge and several bags of frozen in the freezer. It is a nice "insurance policy."
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Actually, you can't be allergic to something the first time you're exposed to it, so it still is technically possible for her to be allergic to prunes. (Not likely, since prunes don't trigger allergies in many people, and because she's probably been exposed if you've eaten them, but possible.) Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with someone else feeding them to her yet, especially late at night when she's about to go to bed. I'd want to be there since I'd be more likely to notice a change in normal behavior.
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