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Chat thread for May 11 thru May 17 ~ Jabber Jabber Jabber

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I want to talk. I want to Jabber. I want to wag my chin. (with people who don't think a baby should be evicted by 41 weeks)

The above is an allusion to an irritating call I got from my Dh's aunt (ob nurse). :

Anyway. . . Whas up wit u?
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Nuttin much happin here.

I did check my cervix last night and was shocked to discover that it had moved up higher than it had been and felt thicker than it was. It was so high I couldnt even check to see it if was still dilated. It was really open and high.

OK thats just TMI

Trying to decided what I want to do for mother day. We have been invited to some friends for a BBQ BUT I have to make a salad and bring a munchy.

Not to sound ungrateful but I will be almost 41 weeks, have 3 kids and I really don't feel like doing any extra work.

DH will get off work that morning so he will be unable to help as he needs to sleep till about 1 or 2.

I really feel like going for a nice drive somewhere.

Edited to add that my mw isnt comfy with moms going over 42 weeks
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I am almost 39 weeks and hoping for a baby this weekend. My SIL, who I would really like to have hear for my homebirth, leaves for Ireland at 6pm on Sunday night. If I could have it before then, that would be perfect Having it this weekend would also mean getting to go to my PhD graduation next weekend which would be really nice also!

She will be gone for a whole week so she could miss it which would not be the end of the world but it would suck all the same.

I am hot, like really fucking hot all the time. My back hurts, I am having lots of contractions.

Lots of complaining from me tonight, sorry!

In other news, I had a good chocolate bar, got a big check from my boss, and I think I will watch a movie parked in front of the AC tonight
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My MW is uncomfy with me going much past due date at this point, let alone 42 weeks! As a policy she is happy to go post due but she is a bit uptight about the size of this baby already and I am still only 38.5 weeks!
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And she knows you baby size how

What up with our mw's?
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because my due date for my midwife is different from mine by about a week I could actually go until the 1st of june : oh god I hope not. According to my cycles and everything i should be due like right now. my midwife has me as the 17th which is great since it means I have longer before dealing with induction issues but it also means that 42 weeks is May 30th.
I am so tired of everyone and their comments. i am going to be pregnant forever thank you very much. so what? I dont feel all that crappy, swelling isnt bad and my energy is decent. so really I could happily be pregnant for another 2 weeks 3 weeks whatever.
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i'll be 40w on sunday. even though most babes do not come on their actual due date, it would be pretty special to have my baby boy on mama's day!

the weather promises to be lovely this weekend so i'm sure dh will be in the yard from morning 'til night. i love that he's my "famer dude" but when i've been tending to children all week, i appreciate some help on the weekends. i understand that we have outdoor projects that need to be done but our priorities seem to be crossing lately. it irritates me that one of us always has to be doing something (in his eyes). if i'm putzing around the house, he thinks he has every right to disappear with a project. ugh....

i have no idea what's in store for me on mother's day. we are church go-ers so we'll be with our peeps in the morning but other than that, it's either nothing or an absolute surprise.

i just had a glass of wine & i really, really want to take a bath. dh has to write a paper for one of his grad classes (the final frontier before Baby) so when the girls are asleep i plan on finding some good reading material (or maybe the phone) and relaxing in the bath.
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I really think I need to become a midwife!
I dont care if you go past your EDD,
I believe women CAN birth big babies!
I know women can have wonderful natural homebirths!
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My mw isnt bothered by big babies, she bothered by placentas ageing.

I just dont get it
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Well, you can always have an ultrasound to check the condition of the placenta. Though I'd as soon not, given the choice.

MW hasn't given me a deadline, but when she first told me my "due date" she added, "But really babies come when they're ready." She's already giving me epo orally and applied to the cervix, and at some point she might recommend castor oil, but one of her/(our) goals is to keep me out of the hospital as that means c/s at any hospital I could get to in time.

I'm "due" tomorrow, but the cervix is still pretty long and I'm not much dilated yet, so she said we'd probably make it to our appt. next week.
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A voice from the other side of birth... 9 days out. I'm recovering so incredibly well. I hardly bled at all today, until I took a long walk. Whoops.

I finally organized a ton of paperwork/bills/checks today, and even paid most of them! I keep up with stuff I pay online really well, and most of our stuff is auto-debited, but stuff I have to actually write checks for gets neglected. The next frontier in the paperwork department is going through lots of stuff and getting it ready for a new bookkeeper, which will eventually end up in us actually getting our taxes done.

I filled out the birth certificate stuff for Henry today, and we had to go to a bank to get one of them notarized - my husband signed as the "attendant" so that was fun.

I'm caught up with laundry for the first time in a year. Honestly. Last May, my FIL went to the hospital really suddenly and we went down to Illinois with like a day's notice. We ended up staying in Illinois for 7 weeks, and we came home to dirty laundry with dirty laundry, and I just never got caught up! Now I finally am.

For me, being a mom the second time around is SO much easier!!! I know how to breastfeed (and my nipples are already nice and in shape for it), I know not to get frustrated when Henry "plucks" at my boob because I know it's because he needs to burp or pee, or just take a break. I don't get all freaked out at every sound he makes, I'm not constantly thinking he's going to stop breathing, I don't CARE when he smiles, or rolls over, or any of that stuff. It so doesn't matter.

Henry was over 9 lbs at birth and is already over 10 lbs! I have very few clothes for him, but it's good because it's making me stay on top of the laundry!!

Delia is super cute with him, and also every once in a while is annoyed by him, which makes sense. She has asked me to put him down once so far, and I expect she will more and more. My husband is picking up a lot of slack, but she wants me sometimes so I'm trying really hard to focus in on her when Henry's sleeping. It's hard because I either want to sleep with him, or try to get stuff done around the house, but she's definitely more important so there we have it.

I've had tons of energy. Lots of post-baby nesting, cleaning, organizing, and I've been packing/shipping orders almost every night.

Tomorrow is fishing opener. My husband will be out the door around 7 AM when I and the kids will still be asleep. (I said "the kids." That's so weird!) I'm going to attempt to get all of us out the door to a friend's house whenever we do wake up. It will be a great adventure!

OK, now I'm tired. Good night and good wishes to all of you for exactly the births you want and need!
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I end up spending the wee hours of the morning awake everyday because I have major problems staying asleep, that is about the only thing this pregnancy has in common with dd's pregnancy. Anyway it's 130 and I am awake (it's usually about 3 before this happens). I am absolutely drenched with sweat though. I have the central air at 55 and my fan on and it is not helping, I am so friggin hot. Poor dd is sleeping in a diaper but she is all bundled up in the blanket and since I know it is probably actually 55 to those of us not pregnant in this house I feel bad for her. Everytime this guy moves my cervix hurts. My bp was up today which my OB seems completely unalarmed by but as my family has a major history of high bp and mine has never been anything higher than perfect (it's usually lower) I am a little worried. In addition to the upped bp I have had some swelling which he also says is normal, and i'm sure it is, but not for me. I'm sure I am worrying for nothing but worrying is what I do. As usual I fell asleep having some decent contractions and woke up with nothing but a wiggly baby in an uncomfortable position. My last complaint is that I am not nesting at all. I am anti-nesting in fact. My house is dirtier than it's ever been and it's not bothering me at all. A few weeks ago I cleaned the car and washed the babies clothing and since then I have just wanted to lounge. DH packed our bags for the hospital, he has been bugging the crap out of me trying to get me to help him clean and this from the man who told me not too long ago "I am sorry I can't keep my clothes off the floor I am just not good with drawers and closets". He is nesting! what gives?

OK I think that is enough complaining for the day. THe only positive thing I can say right now is that I am feeling kind of drowsy. I think I am going to stop starring at this computer (the only thing I do feel like doing lately) and go wet my hair and face and try to fall asleep for atleast a little bit longer so I can better deal with dd who is by far the biggest morning person I know.
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This is the first time in about 2 weeks that I've said "no baby this weekend, please?" I have one DD puking, one DD fevering and sore throating (previously puking) both with possible Coxsackie exposure, one DD with a spelling competition this morning, and DS having asthma-like symptoms off and on (he's only 2, so not diagnosed yet but pretty much doomed with EVERY male in both of our families asthmatic and half the females). My house is messier than I would like, though almost all the laundry is washed (woohoo!!). And of course, babe inside has finally settled into a nice low, bowling-ball between the legs position after being high and floaty for so long. Hubby says tomorrow is the day, so hopefully everyone will hurry up and feel better or at least maybe I can labor overnight - everyone is still doing pretty well sleeping at night, thank goodness.
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Well, I'm having maternity pics done today, I'm pretty excited about that. A friend is coming over in a little bit to take some shots of me and my son. I'm especially excited for a cute picture of my son kissing my belly. Awww.... This my last pregnancy, and I'm finally "getting" how miraculous it is to be pregnant.

Other than that, I'm still working on my "deep clean".... Mopping, vaccumming, bathrooms. Mostly in prep for house guests after baby's born.

DH swears she's coming Sunday. I have felt like she would come this weekend for a long time. Just a hunch and because I believe the Universe will give me a wonderful Mother's Day present - my daughter. But now that we are talking about tomorrow it doesn't feel like anything is happening.

DH is committed though. We've already agreed to DTD tomorrow morning. TMI warning: I told him I was breaking out the breast pump for some nipple stim and he says - why don't you let me? LOL. Men are great aren't they? Well, at least that sounds less painful than pumping basically empty breasts.
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I am jealous at you having pics taken.

We have no pics of me being preggo mainly because I am the one taking pics
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i'm jealous of your pics too hehe....i have all these fabulous ideas for pics but it's kinda hard to get in the spirit of that with so much else tying up my attn :

we are still not moved yet, and so we're living out of boxes mostly....we are waiting on tenterhooks for interview calls from misc. jobs for my DP....blah blah, story of my life lately: the waiting game it's a beautiful relief to know HOW the chips will fall at this point, it's just frustrating to be this pregnant and have everything still up in the air! :nana:

but enough of that whining

i am feeling superb for 40 weeks pregnant--no swelling (!) just very un-comfy because i think this "tiny" baby isn't so tiny anymore! I have a permanent fight with her/him as to which side (inner or outer) of my right rib-bones the babe's foot is on i know it's cute and I'll miss it all too soon, but right now, ARRGH i am ready to be un-pregnant already!
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Okay here me whine. I thought after I had the baby I would be done whining.

Lets see yesterday I woke up feeling miserable like I am fighting off some kind of illness. The night before I started bleeding pretty heavy. I spent most of the morning crying and shaking. I have no idea why. Anyway I went to use the bathroom and this is going to be way to much information but the odor about knocked me out me out. I remember something in my discharge papers saying if there is a foul smell call the doctor so I dug out the papers and oh incread bleednig call also. So I told my husband and he is well you do not look good what do you want to do? So I called my dr. told him what was going on and he said well you can either go to the ER or I will meet you at the clinic. Of course I choose the clinic. He said my color was still good that I did not need to go to the hospital but that I have to start getting daily shots of antibiotics. Oh and I need to stay in bed. So now I am waiting for the dr. to call to tell us what time to go to the clinic. I was planning on spending today with my mom. I know she understands but again today I cannot stop crying. The bleeding has slowed down but now I have pain and feel miserable.

Maggie is doing good. Feeding like a champ. We have another weight check tomorrow. She has been loosing weight instead of gaining even though she is eating and wetting like a pro.
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Quick whine - I am now officially more pregnant than I have ever been.
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Originally Posted by EFPookie View Post
Quick whine - I am now officially more pregnant than I have ever been.
HUGS sending you positive labor vibes.
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