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Multiples maternity wear?

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Hi there!

We just found out last week that we will be having twins. It is very exciting and overwhelming at the same time...

I am 21 weeks along and realize that carrying twins actually explains alot. My belly look 2-3 months farther along than I am and I am starting to wonder what I am going to wear for maternity clothes this summer.

My problem is that if I just move to a larger maternity size it will look like a tent on me. My belly is growing (and maybe my bottom... ), but the rest of me is not (or at least not at the same rate). Is there such a thing as multiples maternity wear?

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Never saw anything specifically for multiple moms. I just wore regular maternity clothes but they were a tad small :
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Originally Posted by ScooterMama1 View Post
My problem is that if I just move to a larger maternity size it will look like a tent on me.
Yep. That's pretty much what I did. My mom bought me these like 3X maternity shirts, and at first I was like, "Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?! I will not wear those." Ha. They were my favorites by the end. They were tent-esque but COMFY. And I'd wear those low low maternity jeans with the elastic below my belly, and the tents on top, and I was good.
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I haven't seen anything for multiples. I am 16 weeks, and right now I am either going with things that are a little small or things that do, in fact, look like tents. My boobs do seem to be keeping pace with my tummy, at least so far, so right now there is still a bit of a sense of balance, at least. Although I wouldn't mind if they didn't keep pace for the whole pg!

(Oh, and my mom informed me the other day that my butt is also growing this pg. I told her it was counterbalance. : )

My worry is what, if anything, I will have to wear come fall. I fear I may end up being housebound toward the end for simple lack of clothes that fit!
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Thanks for the replies! I guess that I will just look for some larger clothes... I guess I can try to alter them if they are really big...
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I know of one lady who makes some custom ones just for MoM she is in Wa. She gets some pretty specific info from you like bust size tummy size and other things so they still look cute but also fit. I had to resort to wearing xxxl mens overalls just so I could cover up my big ol belly.
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I normally wear a 1x-2x (more 2x) and started out in 1x maternity. I'm now in 2x-3x maternity. I found some really stretchy maternity in 2x that should fit to the end. I'm having the opposite prob with the butt, mine is shrinking... so is the rest of me too and i'm getting to be all belly. If you're wearing tees or tanks that stretch then you should be ok. I found that somethings that are bigger in size fit the belly, but are too loose in the shoulders. I also love overalls, but I'm finding that they're getting too tight in the belly (esp when I sit down). I guess just wear whatever is comfy for you!
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I was huge at the end of my twin pregnancy and those maternity clothes laughed at me...i had to buy stuff in the plus sizes in order to fit.although I am petite and usually a size 5- nothing normal maternity size fit me.....the plus size shirts were the only thing to cover my belly. the maternity jeans were a joke so i wore sweatpants or stuff with an elastic band to go under my belly....
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At least you all can go out to the store or have things shipped easily! I'm now out of most of my regular maternity shirts. A couple plus size friends are lending me some 3x shirts. Hope they work!
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Japanese Weekend used to offer a MoM's specific line (not sure if they still do). I bought 2 shirts from them toward the end of my twin pregnancy, put one of them on to show dh, told him what it was (multiple specific) and he just about fell off the chair laughing. It didn't exactly cover my belly. But, those clothes may help *you* so I'll throw that out there just in case. And they may have been more helpful in my 7th/8th month vs. at the very end. Oh, and I wish I had been at my largest in warm weather b/c then I wouldn't have felt too akward letting my belly hang out. Here's me in maternity clothes (both the shirt & pants - yoga style) while in labor. Cracks me up. I never did find a solution. Larger sized clothes would have looked ridiculous on me and I felt self-conscious enough with all the stares I was already getting. I pretty much became a hermit at the end to avoid the stares & whispers. GL & congratulations! Twins are amazing.
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You know, I have that problem already (30 weeks) and I'm only carrying one. With my first, my belly outgrew all my maternity clothes and was hanging out the bottom by the end... so, while I'm not completely in your position, I can totally relate! I decided to just go with dresses this summer, and I figure I can't really outgrow those ...or if I DO, I'm in some serious trouble! :
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Originally Posted by 2+twins View Post
Here's me in maternity clothes (both the shirt & pants - yoga style) while in labor. Cracks me up.
: the look you're giving your dh (or whoever is holding the camera) is PRICELESS. You look like you made it a lot farther than I did -- mine were born at 34w. Here I am at 32.
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They don't make anything for multiples. I had to buy 2 sizes larger than I needed and I sewed up the arms so they fit better. It worked fine and they looked alright. I didn't cut off the extra material though because I wanted someone to be able to use them after I was done. As a matter of fact, I even recieved compliments on the clothes I wore to church. My favortie clothing though was one in which my belly stuck out. It felt better for my belly to be free and nothing was long enough to cover it so I just got used to a few inches of belly hangin out!

ETA I wish I had pics of my belly, I still want to cry when I think about it.
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Thankfully, I sew, so it wasn't too difficult to alter some existing maternity patterns to make them fit (though with a summer multiples pregnancy, I actually preferred some tent clothes for cool comfort). Actually, that should have been one of my first clues that I had multiples. When I went to make an Easter dress (a year ago), my test garment fit just right at 5 months with no room to grow. At the time, I just thought the pattern was more fitted (I altered it to make it last the whole pregnancy). Shortly after, I found out why it fit so closely!

Michelle G.
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I ended up in skirts for most of my pregnany with a t-shirt (resorting to plus sizes at the end, also normally a 6). I would buy a yard and a half of fabric cut a bit of the width off so it was a long skirt, overlap the 1.5 around me, put in a three inch wide piece of elastic and wore them under my belly. I liked having them really long because I could get in any position and not feel exposed, especially as I was struggling to move towards the end. This spring I made some dresses for my daughter out of the skirt fabric. I'm sure my explanation makes no sense but I basically made a tube that had overlapping edges in the front vs. an exact seam down the back. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post
: the look you're giving your dh (or whoever is holding the camera) is PRICELESS. You look like you made it a lot farther than I did -- mine were born at 34w. Here I am at 32.
That was actually my dh on the phone. I was like, you'd better get home NOW. I made it to 37w4d.
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For the last few weeks I mostly wore dresses that I borrowed from a friend, that she had made for herself - she was 5 inches taller than me, and much heavier even when not pg, so other than coming to my ankles, they were OK.

Here's me 2 days before I delivered, at 39 weeks:


but it was SO worth it! My babies at 3 years:

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Japanese Weekend makes a line for women expecting multiples. I got several of their things when I was PG & huge. Google them & you should find their website. Don't know if they sell direct from their, though. I went to their brick & mortar store in San Francisco. It's kinda expensive, though.
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i would grow out of clothes within weeks. it was really frustrating, but i was lucky- i ended up borrowing some maternity clothes from a friend who had twins 2 yrs before me! it was great, b/c like i said, i grew so fast. and yes, by the end, you'll be wearing tents!
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I wore a sarong skirt around the house for the last few months.

Sears sells plus-size maternity clothes, but they didn't work for me. They didn't give you any more belly room, just more bottom and boob room, which didn't really help me.
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