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I was at a big, noisy, overcrowded graduation party last night with my boys. My toddler would run off and play for a bit, then come back to me and "up up up Mummy UP ME", and I'd hoist him up, hold him until he was happy again, and off he'd go. I got a LOT of looks, and a few people said "wow he's heavy, you should just put him down". He's my BABY. And he didn't know anybody but me and a few other random people. :

You'd love to hear twhat I said when they all asked "is your next baby a boy too, or did you get lucky and have a girl this time?" Grrrrrr.
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Uh, so rude and ignorant. My mom always tells me that my carriers are ridiculous and embarrassing
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I heard all kinds of fun comments from a teen mother who had her child in one of those carseats that is a stroller too. I love the look of shock when they see the little feet sticking out and realize that "there's a baby in there!?"
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I wonder... how do they think people got their pre-walkers around before they invented buggies?! Prams were a Victorian invention.
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Originally Posted by Wooly View Post
how 'bout " if i want bad parenting advice , i'll ask your mother" , ooohhh rude people tick me off!
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Put on a big smile and say, "Thank you sooo much for the advice! I don't know how I've managed all this time without it!"
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Originally Posted by Wooly View Post
how 'bout " if i want bad parenting advice , i'll ask your mother" , ooohhh rude people tick me off!
Wow, this totally cracked me up.

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hate when rude people decide to open their mouths and try to pass off their advice, (which, not to be too kind, but I have found most often they are of the decidedly NON-babywearing generation - that said - it doesn't make it okay, but I understand where it comes from).
When anyone says anything to me I do one of two things, depending on my mood. If it's said in a sincere, I'm-trying-to be-helpful way, I smile, and say "Thanks for the advice, but as you can see, we're both happy with our way.", or I look them up and down, and say "Oh really? What are these new-fangled "strollers" you speak of? I've never heard of them.", and then I walk off.
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That would be a time to break out the "We don't *do*....." as in:

Why don't you just pump so you can give her a bottle while you're out?
No way - we don't *do* bottles.

Why don't you use a stroller?
We don't *do* strollers - highly inconvenient things!

You use cloth diapers? Isn't that a lot of work?
We don't *do* disposables - why would I when my washing machine works?

That's not to say that I stick to my statements 100%.....because I *do* occasionally use an umbrella stroller or a 'sposie dipe. But strangers don't need to know that, especially when making uninvited comments!
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