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what a beautiful mother's day gift
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thinking of you!!! btw, my water broke at exactly 37 weeks with my second. she was 7lb 2oz and oh so ready to be born. can't wait for your next update. hope everything is going well!!!!
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hmmm, no updates in quite a while. I hope you're cuddling your babe right now!
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No babe as of yet... Lots of bloody show and contractions starting to take hold... Oh so sleepy
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Wow!!!!! That is great!!!!!! I love the diaper idea... I have to head off this weekend for some!!!! Okay, Now I am excited because that means it is just a bit till we all have our babes. Good luck!!!!
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good luck!
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WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! A baby is on its way!!!
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exciting! you could be holding your babe by now :
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Good luck to you! I can't wait to hear the news!
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What a wonderful mother's day present!!! Hope your birthing is easy and you are back soon to tell us so!
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Gosh darnit! No baby yet! We're not about to try a few natural induction methods and if the Wattlet isn't on his/her way by tomorrow morning then we'll be going in to our Midwife's back-up physician for an amnio ultrasound and possible membrane sweep.

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still thinking of you and hoping that little one makes an appearance soon!!
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Hang in there! Thinking "boiling pot" happy birth vibes your way!
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Baby on it's way--been in a nice, steady labor for the past 8 hours. Midwife says babe should arrive sometime this morning.

Boy, those piggy-back contractions are something else, eh?
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how are you?! and the babe??? sitting and waiting patiently for an update...anything..please!!
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Just waiting for news from Marvelleaux!

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Hopefully babe is here, or nearly here. Thinking of you and hoping the birth is everything you've wished for!
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: :
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I hope you have that little one in your arms now! I don't know if there is anything as good as a nap with your newbron curled on your chest .
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oh the anticipation...
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