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oh how exciting!!! i hope you're holding that little one right now.
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where's the ::checking watch:: smiley?
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I didn't get to check this thread last night or this morning and I was dying to know how things were going for you. I'm excited to think that your little one could be coming into the world this very second : Happy birthing mama! I'm sending you some peaceful birthing vibes
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: I am dying to know...

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We really need a drum roll smilie! I hope you have your baby in your arms right now!
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How is our pot doing this morning? I hope all is well!!
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can't wait to hear an update! I loved having the "play-by-play"!!!!!
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Marv where are ya?!?! Hope all is well & you're nursing & napping with your babe.
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: waiting impatiently for any news,hope everything is ok!:
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hope all went really really well.
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I'm encouraged by the fact that she hasn't been around and posting. Best wishes!!!
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It's been a while since we've had an update - I guess she's snuggling her baby and recovering from that long, sleepless weekend!
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