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Welcome Sage and Ford! Congrats to both of you, enjoy your babymoons!
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carina rose
1:57 am
7lbs. 4 oz.
21.5 in.
EDD was 5/30

HBAC in the tub!
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Benjamin James
5:13 pm
7# 4
19 3/4 inches long
due 6/1/07

born after 4 hours of labor into the water!!!
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Isaac Paul
7lb 9oz
edd 6/6/07
born at home after 5 hours, into the water
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Iris Alix
Born: June 1st
Time: 4:10 pm
Weight: 8 lbs. 11oz.
Length: 19 1/2 inches
EDD: May 26th
Arrival: Natural hospital birth with midwife
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Rowan Avery :
Born: June 5th
Time: 9:37 AM
Weight: 7 lbs. 5oz.
Length: 21 inches
EDD: June 4th
Arrival: Born at home after about 14 hours of labor and 3 minutes of pushing. :
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ebin douglas
born 6/1/07
10 lbs 15 oz
23.5 inches
born at 8:40pm

i arrived at the hospital at 8pm, fully dilated and started pushing. i delivered with an ob, the nurses and a doula with no interventions except the local i was begging for during crowning/tearing

EDD 5/30/07
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Gabriella Lucille
born 6/5/07, 3:02 am
due date 6/2
20 inches
chinese gender prediction chart = right!

birth center birth, but barely - EMTs were waiting in the hall to whisk me away to hospital but I finally got her out.
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Kiara Elizabeth Anne
born 2:27 am 6-5-07
due date 6-4-07
10 lbs 1 oz
20.5 inches
natural birth with DH, midwife, doula, family friend L&D nurse in hospital
Arrived at hospital in transition. 1 1/4 hrs of pushing she was born using a birth stool. No induction, no meds, no interventions (midwife barely got there on time ), no tears...my dream birth!!
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Joseph Raymond
born 6/7 at 6:04 am
8 lbs 15 oz
21 1/2 in. long
EDD 6/15
beautiful birth center birth
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looks like you got it already...

bjorn annan
june 5
10 lbs 12 oz
21 inches
born at home with just mom and dad
edd june 4th
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Michael Steven
June 6 (EDD was June 10)
8 pounds, 11 ounces
21 inches long
Born after 14 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing
Natural hospital birth with midwife
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Aiden Joseph
Born June 6
9 lbs 2 oz
21 inches

Natural midwife assisted birth
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Jolie Clare Is Here!

Born Last night~6/11/07
8lbs 1oz
21in long
Absolute Pure sugar!!!

Labor was Amazing and beautiful!!
Had bloody show in the am, water broke at 3:00pm, Contractions started 1 hour later, They were RIGHT ON TOP OF ONE ANOTHER, transition hit like a ton of bricks, had to push before Mw showed up, which she made it just in the nick of time because she was born right after that at 6:10 pm, so labor was 2 hours start to finish, guess all those "false starts" really paid off. I had no tears and we are both in really great shape! Thank you everyone for your support!
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Here are my details:
Zachary Elan
June 7, 10:35 AM
6 pounds 7 oz, 19 inches
EDD 6/20
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Nara Luka
Arrived June 10,2007 4:10pm
8lbs 1.8oz 19 inches
EDD 6/26

Having major issues trying to breast feed with inverted nipples. Had to take a break today since my nipples are wrecked and bloody. Trying hard not feel like a failure as a mother.

Nara is beautiful, strong and a voracious eater. I am truly blessed. I wish I can do more for her.
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Congrats on Nara's arrival!

Have you contacted a LC about the nursing problems? The La Leche League has a free 1-800 help line and your local LLL leader can provide free nursing support too... Hang in there and don't give up! My first dd "broke" one of my nipples so I know how awful the pain can be, but with support you can get past it.

Do you have nipple shields? They don't work for everyone, and they can cause probles down the road...but they can save your nipples!
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Thank you! I am indeed hanging in there. While I am "recuperating" my nipples I feel like crying everytime someone offers baby a bottle. Anyway- I did get nipple shields and pumping before trying to breast feed to get some milk going. (B/c when she is starving- she is starving..) but I do know it is temporary. I am currently looking for a LC. Going rate here is $200 per session. I was feeling hopeless- but I figure if I go once, twice or three times- it will be an investment in the long run. I sooooooooo LOVE my daughter. It's beyond belief how much I love her.
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Asher Edward is here
6lbs 13oz
20 1/4" long
EDD 6/18

He arrived via a VERY quick induction.
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Eve Eleanor
Born: June 5th
Time: 6:37am
Weight: 6 lbs 8 ozs
Length: 19 inches
EDD: June 16
Arrived at the hospital just in time for an all natural birth with midwife!
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