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Is anyone here a Juice Plus distributor? I just signed up 6 weeks ago and like it so far. I'd love to network with other JP people.

For anyone interested: Juice Plus is whole food nutrition from 17 different fruits and veggies in capsule, chewable and gummy form. I am so impressed with all of the third party, independent research that has been done on it. Dr. Sears is a big fan and recommends it to all his patients and promotes it on his website.
I wasn't looking for a home business and I am not good at sales, but I signed up because I really believe that everyone can benefit from adding Juice Plus into their diet. Just from telling my family and some friends about it I made enough sales in my first month to be promoted to the next pay level.
It's a great business to start because it is minimal risk. Only $50 to start and $40 a year after that. And you can sell something that you know will greatly benefit everyone who takes it.
PM me if you want more info.